Model 3 Scores 5-Star Green NCAP Rating

The Tesla Team, November 14, 2022

Model 3 has been awarded 5-stars with a Weighted Overall Index of 9.8/10 by Green NCAP, an independent initiative helping consumers evaluate vehicle sustainability. In its analysis, Green NCAP considers a vehicle’s energy efficiency, as well as its emission of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants.

Consuming Less to Spend Less
EVs are more efficient than equivalent ICE vehicles, enabling drivers to travel farther using the same quantity of energy.

In Green NCAP’s efficiency test, Model 3 scored a near-perfect 9.6/10, performing well in both warm and cold laboratory tests as well as highway tests. In the highway test, Model 3 received the highest score of all vehicles tested to date. By comparison, the average ICE vehicle tested in 2022 received 4.2/10, and the average hybrid vehicle scored 5.1/10.

Tesla’s process of continuous iteration introduces running changes to vehicles to improve thermal comfort, driving dynamics, efficiency, range and more. This ensures that new customers receive the latest and greatest hardware and get the most range out of every dollar (or euro) spent on energy.

In fact, 1 kWh of energy allows you to drive 7 kilometers in Model 3, compared to only 2 kilometers in an equivalent ICE vehicle1. This efficiency leads to customer savings. Tesla’s online Calculator for European customers shows that a German Tesla owner spends as little as 0.08 € per kilometer on a Model 3 versus 0.12 € for an equivalent ICE vehicle—that’s 35% savings per kilometer2.

No Air Pollutant Emissions
ICE vehicles emit a variety of polluting gases and particles in addition to carbon dioxide, causing significant harm to people and the planet. In Europe alone, almost 800,000 people die prematurely every year from preventable air pollution-related illnesses3. Model 3, and all Tesla vehicles, emits zero exhaust gas pollutants as part of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport and energy.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions
As an electric car, Model 3 does not directly release greenhouse gases. Thanks to its low energy consumption and relatively clean EU electricity production, Model 3 scores a near-perfect 9.8/10 in Green NCAP’s greenhouse gas evaluations.

Our 2021 Impact Report analyzes lifecycle emissions of Tesla vehicles versus equivalent ICE vehicles in the U.S., Europe and China. Its findings show that driving Model 3 produces less greenhouse gases than burning gasoline in all three regions, even with manufacturing factored in.

Tesla vehicles are designed to be more than just a great electric vehicle, but the best vehicles, period. Their efficiency are simply a positive by-product of making the absolute best and most fun products possible.

1 Based on WLTP consumption. Actual range may vary based on factors such as speed, weather conditions and elevation change.
2As of September 2022. For more information regarding these potential savings, including how this is being calculated, please visit Tesla’s Calculator. For US data, please visit this website.