Tesla Delivery Day

Your delivery experience should be simple and easy. Before taking delivery, be sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps.

Prepare for Delivery

Review and Confirm Delivery

After placing your order, sign in to your Tesla Account to confirm your delivery details. This information is required to move your delivery forward.

Details may include:

  • Delivery details
  • Trade-in
  • Financing
  • Registration

Final Payment

You will be able to see any details regarding making your payment in the Tesla app. Payment must be made prior to taking delivery of your vehicle.

Delivery Scheduling

Once your vehicle is available, we will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Vehicle availability varies based on many factors, including production, logistics and timely completion of your delivery tasks.

What to Expect on Delivery Day

Documents and Ownership Information

Documents required at your delivery appointment may include:

  • Final payment
  • Driver’s licence(s)
  • Trade-in ownership documents

Note: Final payment requirements vary based on location and purchase method. Credit cards are not accepted for final payment.

Direct Delivery

Vehicle deliveries to home addresses occur on your scheduled delivery date between 08:00 and 20:00, and deliveries to business addresses occur between 08:00 and 18:00. You receive further communications on your delivery day which may include an approximate delivery time.


If you are trading in a vehicle in conjunction with your order, your trade-in needs to be exchanged at your collection site on the day of your collection.

The registered keeper of the trade-in vehicle needs to be present for the delivery, unless we have obtained a "Power of Attorney" in advance. Ensure that you bring the following items to your delivery appointment:

  • Driver's licence, as a valid form of identification
  • Your vehicle's current V5c displaying the correct registration number
  • A minimum of two car keys
  • All standard included accessories, charging cables and locking wheel nuts
  • Service booklet (if applicable)
  • MOT certificate (if available)
  • Owner's manual

After you have traded in a vehicle with us, we will deregister your trade-in with the DVLA, which will begin the refund process of any unused Vehicle Excise Duty (Car Tax) to you.

Vehicle Introduction

We recommend reviewing these features before taking delivery of your new Tesla vehicle:

Find the latest updates, resources and information about your new Tesla vehicle on Tesla Support.

After Delivery

Tap ‘Service’ on your touchscreen to access your digital Owner’s Manual for more information about operating your vehicle, specific features and software updates.

To learn more about your vehicle, view next steps after taking delivery.