Commercial Solar Subscription

What are the main benefits of subscription solar?
With subscription solar, customers get the best from solar power — clean, cheap energy to power buildings and vehicles — without upfront costs or decades-long agreements. In fact, customers can get solar power with one click, instead of lengthy consultations and piles of paperwork.

Where can you get subscription solar?
Right now, we are only offering the option for subscription solar in California.

What's required for subscription solar?
A customer needs to own their building or have permission from the building owner to install solar. A customer must also be a ratepayer of one of the following utilities:

What's included in the subscription offer?
The fixed monthly price includes the panels and other necessary hardware, installation, support and maintenance.

What are the available system sizes?
We offer three system sizes.

  • 40 kW
  • 120 kW
  • 240 kW

If I choose subscription solar, how much energy can I expect to generate compared to the subscription cost?

If I choose to subscribe, when will my billing cycle start?
Your deposit helps cover your first month of service, which begins when your system powers on. After that, your monthly payment will process on the day of the month your system was activated.

Can I also add Powerwall or Powerpack to my subscription?
At this time, Powerwall and Powerpack cannot be added to the subscription agreement. However, you can buy either storage product and we will install at the same time. There is tremendous value in adding energy storage to your solar subscription since it provides backup power and greater energy independence.

What happens after I cancel my agreement?
You can cancel your subscription at any time with no cancellation fee. If you want your system removed to restore your roof to its previous condition, Tesla will charge you a nominal fee covering our costs to remove it, or you can find another qualified contractor to remove the system and return it to us.

Can I upsize or downsize my system after it’s installed?
Yes. A customer can upsize after installation. If downsizing, Tesla will charge you a nominal fee covering our costs to remove it, or you can find another qualified contractor to remove the system and return it to us.

What happens when I move?
If you sell your building, you can transfer the agreement to the new building owner.

What is the benefit of subscribing versus purchasing my solar?
It depends on your preference as a building owner and factors such as how long you plan to stay in your building. Both options keep extra cash in your pocket right away.

Start Process

How and when will Tesla reach out to me after I submit my order online?
A Tesla Advisor will contact you via email or phone shortly after the solar reservation is placed to gather additional information.

What additional information does Tesla require after I place my reservation?
Your Tesla Advisor will first confirm the installation address and the ownership status of the building (lease versus own). Additionally, we will request that you share your utility data so that we can confirm your system size and value of generation.

What if I lease my building, can I still subscribe or buy solar from Tesla?
Yes, with approval from the building owner.

Can I buy a Powerwall or Powerpack with my solar system?
Yes, Tesla will evaluate the storage potential of your site and make a recommendation that fits your needs.

What type of solar installation (e.g. rooftop, carport, ground mount) will Tesla install at my site?
Tesla is currently offering only rooftop solar installations for customers.