Full Self-Driving Capability Subscriptions

Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system that assists your car with steering, accelerating and braking for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane. They assist with the most burdensome parts of driving and work alongside features like emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring.

With Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability, you will get access to a suite of more advanced driver assistance features, designed to provide more active guidance and assisted driving under your active supervision.

If you have not already purchased FSD capability and your vehicle has FSD computer 3.0 or above, you can subscribe to FSD capability from the Tesla app or your Tesla Account.


If your vehicle has Full Self-Driving computer 3.0 or above, plus Basic Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot, you are eligible to subscribe to FSD capability. Check your Autopilot configuration from your vehicle’s touchscreen by selecting ‘Controls’ > ‘Software’ > ‘Additional Vehicle Information.’

Hardware upgrades to the Full Self-Driving computer are not included with Full Self-Driving capability subscriptions. To be eligible for FSD capability subscriptions, the FSD computer must be installed in your vehicle. To install the FSD computer, schedule an installation appointment from the Tesla app.

Subscription Pricing

Your vehicle’s current Autopilot package of Basic Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot will determine the FSD capability subscription price.

Basic Autopilot to FSD capability $199.00 per month
Enhanced Autopilot to FSD capability $99.00 per month

* Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) is only available in select markets.

To subscribe, open the ‘Upgrades’ menu in your Tesla app or sign in to your Tesla Account. If you have multiple vehicles associated with your account, please be sure to select and subscribe to the correct vehicle.

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the Tesla app or your Tesla Account. Monthly subscription payments will not be prorated. After your cancellation is processed, you will continue to have FSD capability features for the remainder of the current billing period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to Full Self-Driving Capability?
If your vehicle is eligible, you can subscribe to Full Self-Driving Capability from the Tesla app or your Tesla Account.

To subscribe to Full Self-Driving Capability in the Tesla app:

To subscribe to Full Self-Driving Capability in your Tesla Account: