Gen 3 Wall Connector Access Control

Charging Access Control is a firmware feature for the Gen 3 Wall Connector that allows you to restrict charging access directly through the commissioning wizard without having to resort to a physical locking device.


What does Charging Access Control do?

The Charging Access Control feature gives you full control over which cars are allowed to charge with your Wall Connector. You have three options to choose from:

This feature is supported by firmware version 21.36.4 and above.

How does it work?

Your Wall Connector will only allow charging on your chosen vehicles while blocking charging for other cars.

Why is it useful?

This feature is helpful when your Wall Connector is in a shared location where you want to control who has access; for example, if you live in a multi-unit dwelling where other electric vehicle owners could potentially charge with your Wall Connector without your permission.

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Setting Up

To set up and configure the Charging Access Control feature, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign into the commissioning wizard.

Sign into the commissioning wizard by connecting to the Wall Connector Wi-Fi SSID and clicking on the 'Access Control' card.

Step 2: Configure Access Control.

You can choose from three options:

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Why don't I see the Access Control card or the 'Authorized Tesla Only' option in the commissioning wizard?

Verify that you have firmware 21.36.4 or higher installed on your Wall Connector. If needed, use the 'Update' card in your commissioning wizard and hit ‘Check for Update.' If you don’t have the Wall Connector Wi-Fi connected, download and install the latest firmware file.

Why don't I see the Wall Connector’s Wi-Fi broadcast on my device?

Powercycle the Wall Connector via an upstream breaker or hold down the charging handle button for 5 seconds to restart the Wi-Fi broadcast. In cases where your device can see the Wi-Fi network but having trouble connecting to it, double check the password and try to connect with a different device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an internet connection required for the Wall Connector to use Access Control?

No. Access Control can be set up without connecting the Wall Connector to your Wi-Fi. However, a Wi-Fi connection is required to receive firmware updates, new features and advanced support.

Can I set up Access Control with a non-Tesla EV?

No. We currently do not support non-Tesla Access Control. Consider connecting your Wall Connector to Wi-Fi for automatic firmware updates that may support this use case.

Can I temporarily authorize a visitor to charge?

No. We currently do not support a temporary override of the Access Control feature. Consider connecting your Wall Connector to Wi-Fi for automatic firmware updates that may support this use case.

If you have a different Access Control issue, contact Customer Support.

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