Automatic Garage Opener - HomeLink

The Homelink Automatic Garage Opener can be installed as a retrofit for Model 3 and Model Y. Homelink connects your Tesla to a maximum of three radio-frequency controlled devices (including garage doors, gates, lights and security systems).

Order Homelink on the Tesla online store. Your Homelink parts will ship directly to you. Once they arrive, schedule a service appointment to complete the install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Homelink?

Visit the Tesla online store to purchase Homelink for Model 3 and Model Y. Pricing includes installation costs. You can also purchase Homelink at your local Service Center.

How is Homelink installed?
Your Homelink parts will be shipped to the shipping address you enter at checkout. Once the parts arrive, schedule a service appointment in the Tesla app to complete installation.

Note: Please do not tamper with the box or installation may be voided.

Can I install Homelink hardware myself?
No. Homelink installation must be done by a Tesla service technician. You can schedule your installation appointment in the Tesla app.

How do I program HomeLink?
To program Homelink in Model 3 and Model Y, follow these steps. Pairing instructions are also available in your Owners Manual.

Note: Only devices with a rolling code remote need to go through the 'Learn' process. If you have an old device that is not equipped with a rolling code remote or it is ‘Quick-Train’ compatible, you can skip this part of the process.

What if the headlights don’t flash?

What if the device doesn’t work after programming?