Service Center Visit Information

Tesla cars do not require regular maintenance, but if a Tesla Service visit is necessary, you can conveniently schedule appointments in the Tesla app or your Tesla Account.

Scheduling Service

Use the Tesla app or Tesla Account to easily schedule a service appointment. .

In the Tesla app, follow these steps:

  1. On the home screen of the Tesla app, select ‘Schedule Service’ and then ‘New Appointment.'
  2. Choose the most appropriate topic and add a description about what you’re experiencing with your car. This will allow the Service team to prepare for your visit.
  3. Confirm or edit the date, time, and location, which will default to the nearest Service Center to your registered address and the first available time.
  4. You can reschedule, cancel, or change an appointment at any time.
  5. You will receive email reminders 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

In the Tesla Account, follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Manage’ for the car you’d like to schedule.
  2. Select ‘Schedule Service’ option and choose your preferred location, time and date.
  3. Add a short description about what you’re experiencing with your car. This will allow the Service Team to prepare for your visit.

Service Options

Mobile Service
Our growing Mobile Service coverage is designed to assist you anytime, anywhere. If Mobile Service is available in your area, we will offer it at no cost based on availability, conveniently coming to you to service your car.

Service Center
In the case your Tesla needs additional service, you can visit the nearest Service Center. We are rapidly expanding our service and body shop locations to best serve you and your Tesla.

Preparing for Your Service Appointment

Getting Ready
With remote diagnostics and automatic check-in, we can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts before you arrive. Our Service team may contact you before your appointment to gather additional information. Bring any relevant photos or videos that might help diagnose the repair. For any visits related to charging, make sure you bring your charging cable with you.

When you arrive to Tesla Service for your appointment, you will be assisted by a Service Advisor or Technician for quick check-in. You may be asked to drive your car and demonstrate the service need.

Status Updates
During Service, you can track your car’s status in the Tesla app. The Tesla app will:

Show repair status
Show parts status
Show when service is complete
Send push notifications when the car is ready for pick-up*

*This feature is only available for Tesla Service Center appointments scheduled through the Tesla app.

Alternate Transportation
Depending on the service being performed, Tesla will offer alternative transport while your car is at our Service Center. If your car is being repaired due to collision damage, we recommend arranging alternative transportation through your insurance company.

Picking up Your Car
The Service Center will provide you with an estimated date and time to pick up your car. If this changes, a member of the Service team will contact you. If you scheduled your appointment in the Tesla app, you will be notified of the estimated completion time in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Tesla need annual maintenance service?
Your Tesla does not require annual maintenance and regular fluid changes. Please check your Owner’s Manual for latest maintenance recommendations for your Tesla.

What should I include in the description to the team?
Providing the Service Team with a detailed description of what you are experiencing with your car will help the service process run smoothly and quickly. When prompted in the Tesla app or your Tesla Account it is helpful to include the following information:

  • Date and time the concern last occurred
  • The type of road you were driving on at the time
  • The speed at which you were driving
  • The frequency of the concern

What if there are no available appointments times that work for me?
If you can’t make any of the available appointments at your nearest Service Center, you can check availability at another location using the Tesla app or your Tesla Account.