Mobile Service Support

Our growing Mobile Service coverage means that in most cases we can service your car, when and where you need. If your service need can be met by a Mobile Service technician, we will offer our Mobile Service option at no charge, based on availability.

Scheduling Service Appointments

The most convenient way to schedule a Service visit is through the Tesla app. Select ‘Schedule Service’ on the homepage and choose the date, time and location.

You can also log into your Tesla Account to schedule a Service visit.

Your service need will be reviewed and we will determine whether the repair can be completed through a Mobile Service technician. If your service need can be completed through a Mobile Service technician, we will contact you to make arrangements.

If a Service Center visit is more appropriate, we will expect to see you at your scheduled time, date and Service Center location.

Visit the Service page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Mobile Service team?
If your service need can be completed through a Mobile Service technician, we will contact you to make arrangements.

How should I prepare for my Mobile Service appointment?
If you have a Mobile Service appointment scheduled, we will confirm the location of the service. We can service your car at most locations without disturbing your schedule. Locations can span from your home, place of work, or wherever you park. Before the appointment, we will contact you to confirm your appointment details and that your car is accessible.

How do I modify an existing Mobile Service appointment?
You can change or cancel your scheduled Service visits at any time through the Tesla app or your Tesla Account. You will receive an email address and/or phone number in your appointment confirmation, which you can use to adjust your appointment details if needed.

What advantages does Mobile Service offer?
If we are not able to resolve your service need over-the-air, Mobile Service can help diagnose a solution to your request, to speed up your overall service process. In addition to diagnosis, the majority of of service needs can be completed through Mobile Service, without visiting a Service Center offering you convenience and a hassle-free experience.

How can I see the Mobile Service coverage area?
Mobile Service is currently available throughout North America and continues to rapidly expand coverage worldwide.