Model 3 Key Fob

The Model 3 Key Fob – shaped like a miniature version of your Model 3 – offers an alternate way to access your car. It is ideal for owners who don’t use the Phone Key feature on their smartphone.

If your Key Fob is equipped with Passive Entry, your Tesla will automatically lock and unlock when the Key Fob is within three feet. Same with the trunk. If not equipped, press the top once to lock your Model 3 and twice to unlock; press twice on the front or rear trunk to open them.

The Model 3 Key Fob is available to purchase on the Tesla Shop and includes one Key Fob and coin cell batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair my Key Fob?
To pair a Key Fob to your Model 3, go to the Locks tab in Controls on your touchscreen. Follow the onscreen prompts to add a new key. Once paired, the key list displays the new Key Fob, and you can customize the name of Key Fobs or unpair them.

What should I do if my Key Fob is not pairing to my Model 3?
Your Key Fob might not pair with your Model 3 when it is very cold. We recommend re-pairing the Key Fob when it is at room temperature. If you are still not able to pair your Key Fob, contact Customer Support.

Does my Key Fob have Passive Entry?
Key fobs with the TESLA logo printed on the flat side have the passive locking and unlocking functionality. Key fobs with the MODEL 3 logo printed on the flat side cannot passively lock and unlock your vehicle.

What is Passive Entry?
Passive entry automatically locks and unlocks your Tesla when the paired Key Fob is within specified range.

How do I enable Passive Entry?
Passive entry enables automatically once the Key Fob is paired.

How long does the battery in my Key Fob last?
Your Key Fob battery should last for around five years with normal use.

How do I replace the battery in my Key Fob?
With the key placed button-side down on a soft surface, use a small flat-bladed tool to release the bottom cover. Remove the battery by lifting it away from the retaining clips. Insert the new battery (type CR2032) with the ‘+’ side facing up. Illustrated instructions can also be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Is the Key Fob waterproof?
The Model 3 Key Fob is water resistant, but not waterproof. Exposure to heavy rain or water submersion may damage the Key Fob.

The Key Fob does not seem to be working and I can’t get into my car. What should I do?
If your Model 3 does not unlock when you press the unlock button on your Key Fob, the key’s battery could be dead. In this case, you can still unlock and drive your Model 3, as the Key Fob functions identically to the Model 3 Key Card. To unlock your Model 3 with the Key Fob when the battery is depleted, position the key on the B-pillar, as you would with your Key Card. You will then have two minutes to place the car in drive. If you need to put your car into drive after two minutes, touch the Key Fob to the center console, the same as you would with the Key Card.

Where can I find more information about my Key Fob?
The Owner's Manual has the most up to date information about your Key Fob.

How long after I order the Key Fob can I expect it to be delivered?
Visit Tesla Shop support to find more information on all of your online orders, including your Model 3 Key Fob payment, order processing and shipment tracking.