Replacing a Gen 3 Wall Connector

Replacing an existing Gen 3 Wall Connector is an easy process that does not require an electrician - all you need is the replacement Wall Connector, your smartphone and a screwdriver. To ensure you have a Gen 3 Wall Connector, check the part number on the side label, which will be displayed as TPN: 1457768-##-#.

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Remove the four screws holding the Wall Connector onto the wirebox (two top, two bottom).

Step 3: Pull the original Wall Connector off the wirebox.

Step 4: Remove the replacement Gen 3 Wall Connector from the box.

Step 5: Place the new Wall Connector onto the existing bracket.

Step 6: Secure in place with the four screws (two top, two bottom).

Step 7: Turn on circuit breaker.

Step 8: Connect to Wi-Fi and finish setup.

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