Tesla Electric for Powerwall Owners

Tesla Electric, a retail electricity provider, offers a home electricity plan for Powerwall owners. Maximize the value of your Powerwall system by sharing your energy with the grid when home electricity export rates are high. With Tesla Electric, your Powerwall will support your community and earn credits back on your electricity bill at the same time. Currently, Tesla Electric is only available in areas of Texas where customers can choose their home electricity provider.

How to Sign Up

To get started, tap the menu in the top-right corner of the Tesla app. Select the ‘Discover’ tab and locate the Tesla Electric card. Once you tap the card, you will see a general overview of Tesla Electric and will be allowed to sign up.

How It Works

Once your service for Tesla Electric has begun, Tesla Electric Mode is enabled. Tesla Electric Mode directs Powerwall to sell power when home electricity export rates are high. Every time you send energy to the grid, whether by exporting excess solar energy or by discharging energy stored in your Powerwall, you will earn sellback credits. Tesla Electric allows you to monitor what rates you pay for electricity when you consume it, and what rates you’ll be credited for when you export power to the grid.

Tesla Electric Mode will never export power below your set Backup Reserve level, to preserve your energy security in the event of an outage. We recommend setting your battery Backup Reserve to 20%. The more energy you make available for Tesla Electric Mode, the more value you’ll get out of your sellback credits.

Monitoring Your Power Sources

Once enrolled in Tesla Electric, you can view how energy flows to and from your home in real time. The Tesla app displays a power flow screen showing how your home consumes or produces energy, and how it is matched with other members, Tesla’s sustainable energy sources and the grid. You can power your home with Tesla’s sustainable sources or with energy exported by other members when your own solar panels or Powerwall are not providing enough power.

The direction of the power flows indicates the sources of energy your home is matched with. For example, if you see power flowing from Tesla’s sustainable sources into your home, your consumption is matched with sustainable energy.

By matching your consumption with sustainable sources, you are contributing to Tesla’s mission of transitioning the world to renewable energy.


You can see how much energy other Tesla Electric members are importing from or exporting to the grid. If you consume power when other members are exporting, your home is primarily using excess solar power from members who are exporting solar to the grid.


The ‘Home’ icon on the Tesla Electric screen shows if your home is self-powered, or whether you are importing or exporting power to the grid. When you import power from Tesla sustainable sources or other Tesla Electric members, your home is consuming sustainable energy. If you import power from the grid, your home is powered by dirtier, non-renewable energy sources that will be offset later.

Tesla Renewable Supply

Tesla has agreements to supply renewable energy credits and/or energy from various sustainable sources such as wind generators. You can see when these sources produce power in real time. If you consume power while these generators are producing, your consumption is matched with sustainable power. Over the course of a year, energy produced by Tesla Renewable Supply that is exported to the grid will offset energy you import from the grid.


When your consumption is not matched with Tesla’s sustainable power or other members’ exports, it is matched with the grid, which in Texas has less than 30% renewable content. When you export power to the grid, you’re supplying sustainable power to your fellow Texans.

How to Make Payments

You can manage your Tesla Electric bills by signing in to the Tesla app and tapping ‘Billing’ on the Tesla Electric home screen. You can adjust your autopay settings, make a one-time payment and view your statements or payment history.

Understanding Your Tesla Electric Bill

Your bill will reflect the following:

  • Tesla Electric charges: Energy used to power your home at peak and off-peak
  • Tesla Electric sellback credits: Real-time energy sold back to the grid
  • TDSP charges: Transmission and Delivery (TDSP) fees
  • Taxes
  • Excess sellback credit rollover: Remaining balance of credits, if total earned credits exceed total electricity costs and taxes

Every billing period, Tesla measures the amount of energy used to power your home. This energy amount will show up on your Tesla Electric bill according to the home electricity import rates. These rates are calculated from a time-of-use structure and can change monthly. For example, you may pay more for power consumed during on-peak times, when home electricity import rates are higher, than for power consumed during off-peak times, when home electricity import rates are lower.

All energy exported to the grid within a given billing period will show up on your Tesla Electric bill as sellback credits. Your total amount of sellback credits is determined based off of the home electricity export rate whenever your Powerwall sends energy to the grid. If your total amount of credits earned exceeds the total amount of electricity costs and taxes, the remaining amount will appear next to ‘Excess Sellback Credit Rollover.’ 

Digital Payouts

You can now request a digital payout in the Tesla app for any amount of excess credit, of at least $10 or more, earned during a given billing period. Whenever you have excess credits available, you will be notified in the Tesla app and will have the option to cash out. Once you have requested a payout, you can anticipate the deposit within five to seven days. Any amount of excess credit that hasn’t been cashed out will automatically be applied to next month’s electric bill. 

How to Change Your Payment Method

If you want to update your payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Tesla Electric’ banner in your Tesla app.
  2. Tap ‘Billing’ > ‘Payments.’
  3. Select your current payment method underneath your billing address.
  4. Tap ‘Add bank account’ to add your new payment information.

How to Make a One-time Payment

If your autopay fails to go through, you can opt to make a one-time payment by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Tesla Electric’ banner in your Tesla app.
  2. Tap ‘Billing’ > ‘Make a one-time payment.’
  3. Confirm your payment details and press submit to complete your payment.
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