Tesla Electric

Tesla Electric is a retail electricity provider, bringing Tesla’s unique expertise in energy markets. Tesla Electric offers a home electricity plan to lower the cost of Tesla vehicle and Powerwall ownership by enabling customers to save on their electricity bills. Tesla Electric powers homes with sustainable electricity at a reasonable rate. With a convenient mobile app experience, customers can track energy rates in real time, review their usage and more.

Currently, Tesla Electric is only available to both Tesla vehicle and Powerwall owners in Texas who can choose their own electricity provider.

Tesla Electric for Vehicle Owners

Tesla Electric offers a home electricity plan exclusively for vehicle owners. The Tesla Electric Home Charging Plan allows you to enjoy unlimited overnight charging in your home for a low fixed monthly fee. Additionally, you can charge your Tesla vehicle and power your home throughout the day at a low, flat rate offered by Tesla Electric.

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Tesla Electric for Powerwall Owners

You can maximize the value of your Powerwall system by sharing your energy with the grid. With Tesla Electric, your Powerwall prioritizes selling electricity back to the grid when real time home electricity export rates are high. This allows your Powerwall to support your community while earning back credits on your electricity bill at the same time.

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