Tesla Electric

Tesla is a retail electricity provider that brings Tesla’s unique expertise in energy markets to homes in Texas. Integrated with a seamless mobile app experience, Tesla Electric offers electricity plans designed for households to save on their electricity bill. Signing up is easy and takes less than five minutes in the Tesla app.

Tesla Electric is available to anyone in Texas who can choose their own electricity provider.


Tesla Electric is designed to:

  • Power your home with low-cost, 100% renewable energy
  • Help manage your energy usage with a convenient mobile app experience
  • Optimize the value of your Powerwall system and Tesla vehicle
How to Sign Up

You can sign up for Tesla Electric through the Tesla app. To get started, tap the menu in the top-right corner of the Tesla app. Select the ‘Discover’ tab and locate the Tesla Electric card under ‘Services.’ Once you tap the card, you will see a general overview of Tesla Electric and will be able to sign up. Start by entering your address.

Select the New Address option if you are moving to this address, or your previous electricity provider sent a scheduled move-out. If you are eligible, you can complete your sign-up by following these steps:

  1. Select your Tesla Electric plan.
  2. If you own a Tesla vehicle, you can opt in for unlimited home charging.
  3. Set up your payment details to enable autopay. We ask for your bank details so we can pay you back for the energy you export to the grid.
  4. Enter your preferred day to start your Tesla Electric service.
  5. Review your plan and submit your enrollment application.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation once your sign-up is complete. You can expect to see your Tesla Electric service activated within a few hours (if you signed up during the week) or a couple days (if you signed up during the weekend).

Note: You do not need a Tesla vehicle or Powerwall to sign up for Tesla Electric.

How Tesla Electric Fixed Works

Tesla Electric Fixed allows you to power your home at an affordable rate, without the worry of breakup fees, minimum usage charges or monthly base fees. With Tesla Electric Fixed, you will:

  • Pay a flat energy rate for energy used to power your home during Standard Hours (4 AM to 12 AM)
  • Pay a lower energy rate for energy used to power your home during Wind Hours (12 AM to 4 AM)

For Customers With Vehicles

If you own a Tesla vehicle, you can enjoy unlimited overnight charging at home for a low fixed monthly fee. To ensure that you receive this benefit, your vehicle is automatically scheduled to charge overnight when you sign up for Tesla Electric. Additionally, you can charge your vehicle throughout the day at a low, flat rate. With Tesla Electric Fixed, you will:

  • Pay a low fixed monthly fee for vehicle charging sessions between 10 PM and 6 AM
  • Pay a flat energy rate for vehicle charging sessions between 6 AM and 10 PM

For Customers With Powerwall

Paired with a Powerwall, Tesla Electric Fixed allows you to earn credits by participating in our Virtual Power Plant and discharging energy back to the grid. Additionally, Tesla will configure your device to specific settings, giving you more certainty of how much your Powerwall is earning. If you own a Powerwall, you will:

  • Earn a fixed VPP credit of $400/year per Powerwall
  • Earn a competitive fixed rate for exporting stored Powerwall energy

Note: For new Powerwall owners, you will need Permission to Operate (PTO) from your local utility before your Powerwall can be configured to export energy to the grid. Once PTO is received and your local utility has reprogrammed your electric meter to report energy exports to your electricity provider, you will receive the credits for supporting the grid. 

For Customers With Solar

If you own solar systems, Tesla Electric Fixed allows you to earn credits by selling excess solar back to the grid. With Tesla Electric, you will:

  • Earn a flat sellback rate of 5¢/kWh for excess solar
How to Manage Your Home's Energy

Once enrolled in Tesla Electric, you can view how energy flows to and from your home in real time. The Tesla app displays a power flow screen showing how your home consumes or produces energy, and how it is matched with other members, Tesla’s sustainable energy sources and the grid. You can power your home with Tesla’s sustainable sources or with energy exported by other members when your own solar panels or Powerwalls are not providing enough power.

The direction of the power flows indicates the sources of energy your home is matched with. For example, if you see power flowing from Tesla’s sustainable sources into your home, your consumption is matched with sustainable energy.

If you have a Tesla vehicle enrolled into Tesla Electric, you can also monitor how much your vehicle has charged overnight through the ‘Charge Stats’ card in the Tesla app.

How to Make Payments

You can manage your Tesla Electric bills by signing in to the Tesla app and tapping ‘Billing’ on the Tesla Electric home screen. You can adjust your autopay settings, make a one-time payment and view your statements or payment history. Learn more about how your monthly bill is calculated.

Your Tesla Electric Fixed bill will reflect the following:

  • Tesla Electric charges: Energy used to power your home during Standard Hours and Wind Hours
  • Tesla Electric sellback credits: Real-time energy sold back to the grid
  • Tesla Electric Home Charging: Energy used to charge your vehicle during overnight hours
  • Tesla VPP: Credit earned through participation in Tesla VPP
  • TDSP charges: Transmission and Delivery (TDSP) fees
  • Taxes
  • Excess sellback credit rollover: Remaining balance of credits, if total earned credits exceed total electricity costs and taxes
Tesla Electric Dynamic

With more flexibility on your energy usage, Tesla Electric Dynamic offers customers full control of their system with greater exposure to changes in sellback rates when discharging to the grid.

Learn more about Tesla Electric Dynamic.

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