System Alerts and Notifications

You may receive push notifications and/or alerts in your Tesla app when your system experiences issues that may require basic troubleshooting, or when your Powerwall changes status such as Going Off-Grid or when Storm Watch activates. Your phone and Tesla energy products must be connected to the internet to receive push notifications and alerts.

Note: Internet connection may be unavailable during some grid outages, preventing delivery of Tesla app notifications. However, even without internet connection, your Powerwall is expected to operate normally during an outage. Additionally, features for certain events may not be available in your country.

Learn more about the following events and their expected push events.

Off-Grid and Grid Outages

Grid Outage

Push Notification

Powerwall is 75% charged and providing power to your home.

  • A grid outage has occurred, and Powerwall is discharging to power your home.
  • Powerwall will disconnect your home from the grid if there are disruptions to the voltage or frequency of the grid, such as an outage or brownout.
  • Powerwall may discharge below your set Backup Reserve.
  • Reduce your home loads to extend your backup duration while off-grid.

Low Energy While Off-Grid

Push Notification

Powerwall is low on energy. Reduce load to extend backup duration.

  • Powerwall energy is very low, and you will have limited backup time remaining.
  • Immediately reduce your home’s power use to extend backup duration, or Powerwall may fully discharge during this outage.

Grid Reconnected

Push Notification

Powerwall has returned to on-grid operation.

  • Grid power has returned.
  • Powerwall will continue normal operation. If Powerwall discharged below your Backup Reserve during an outage, it will prioritize charging from solar or grid to meet your set reserve before resuming Self-Powered or Time-Based Control behavior.

Go Off-Grid

Push Notification

You have taken your home off-grid! Powerwall is providing backup energy to your home. Use the app to reconnect, or Powerwall will automatically reconnect to the grid when out of energy.

  • Powerwall disconnected from the grid through Go Off-Grid

Storm Watch

Push Notification

A storm is forecasted for your area and Powerwall is now charging to provide backup power. Your system will be in Storm Watch until the storm ends.

  • Storm Watch event has begun, and Powerwall will prioritize charging to maximize your backup protection.
  • The notification text is customized for the storm type in your area, if available.

Low Energy and High Loads

Waiting for Solar

Push Notification

Powerwall is very low on energy and stopped providing power. Powerwall will resume operation during daylight hours to charge from solar.

    • Powerwall is too low on energy and has stopped powering your home.
    • Powerwall will resume charging once enough solar has become available.
    • During an extended outage, Powerwall will conduct hourly checks for power until enough solar power is available to simultaneously power your home and charge Powerwall.
    • After receiving this notification, you may manually restart your Powerwall by toggling the on/off switch on the right side.

    Waiting for User Input

    Push Notification

    Automatic retries did not have sufficient solar to resume Powerwall operation. Reduce your load and manually resume when solar is present by toggling on/off switch.

    • This is sent following the 'Waiting for Solar' push notification.
    • Powerwall is unable to generate enough solar to power your home and resume charging.
    • After receiving this notification, manually restart your Powerwall by toggling the on/off switch on the right side.

    Waiting for Grid

    Push Notification

    Powerwall is empty and has shut down. Powerwall will be unavailable and is waiting for the grid to return.

      • This is sent following the 'Waiting for User Input' push notification.
      • Powerwall is empty and unable to resume power until the grid returns.

      Powerwall Overloaded

      Push Notification

      Powerwall is overloaded. Reduce your load, and Powerwall will automatically retry within 2 minutes.

        • During a grid outage, Powerwall attempts to power your home, but your home requires more power than is available.
        • Turn off high-power items to help Powerwall resume powering your home.

        System Issues

        Breaker Open

        Push Notification

        Your Powerwall is disconnected from your home electrical system and cannot operate. This can happen for several reasons, tap here for more information.

          • The AC breaker to connect your Powerwall to your home is off and needs to be switched back on.

          Calibration in Progress

          App Alert Banner

          Powerwall (charging, discharging, idle) to improve performance

            • Powerwall must periodically undergo routine calibration for optimal battery performance.
            • Calibration may take up to 24 hours.
            • Powerwall may discharge past your backup reserve.
            • Powerwall may not charge from solar.
            • Powerwall is still ready to back up your home during grid outages.

            Side Switch Off

            App Alert Banner

            Powerwall will not operate

            • The side switch on your Powerwall is switched off and Powerwall will not power your home.
            • Solar may still generate if you have a Powerwall 2.
            • If you are not expecting this, toggle the switch on the right side of your Powerwall 2.

            Solar Production Limited

            App Alert Banner

            Service Required - Fault Detected

            • One of your inverters may not be producing solar due to a fault detected with your solar system.
            • Contact your installer to schedule a site visit.

            Powerwall Disabled

            App Alert Banner

            Service Required - Fault Detected

            • One or more Powerwall operations has been disabled due to an internal fault that requires replacement.
            • Turn off the Powerwall enable switch and contact your installer to schedule a replacement.

            Rapid Shutdown Device Off

            App Alert Banner

            Powerwall or PV Inverter will not operate

            • The rapid shutdown device is switched off and Powerwall will not power your home. Solar may still generate depending on your system configuration.
            • A rapid shutdown device may look like a red emergency stop button, or a separate on/off switch near your Powerwall or solar inverter.
            • If you are not expecting this, you may contact your installer to confirm whether this is expected or if a scheduled service visit is required.

            Virtual Power Plant

            Event Scheduled

            Push Notification

            A virtual power plant event is scheduled today from 6 PM to 9 PM.

            • We have scheduled your Powerwall to participate in a virtual power plant (VPP) event.
            • After this push notification is sent, your Powerwall may pre-charge from solar to prepare for discharge.

            Event Beginning

            Push Notification

            Powerwall is now discharging for a VPP Event until 9 PM.

            • This push notification is sent at the beginning of a VPP event, when your Powerwall starts discharging to support the grid.