Opening the Hood with No Power

Opening the Hood with No Power

This procedure is intended for Model S vehicles manufactured after approximately April 2016. For vehicles manufactured before approximately April 2016, see "Opening Hood with No Power" in the Do It Yourself Guide)

If Model S has no electrical power, or if you are unable to open the front trunk using the touchscreen or key, you must manually open the front trunk.

Locate the release cable housed in the front wheel arch liners on both front wheels of the vehicle (there are two release cables total). Follow these instructions to open the front trunk manually:

  1. Release the cover in the RH front wheel well.
  2. Pull the strap to release the primary latch.
  3. Release the cover in the LH front wheel well.
  4. Pull the strap to release the secondary latch.
  5. Lift the hood. You may need to push the hood down slightly to release the pressure against the secondary latch.


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It is important to pull the straps in the correct sequence or the appropriate latch does not release and the front trunk can not open.

When opening the front trunk using this method, the latches remain in the open position and you can not close it again without electrical power. To close a front trunk that has been opened by pulling the manual straps:

  1. Charge the low voltage battery (for instructions, contact Tesla).
  2. Press the Front Trunk button on the touchscreen to reset the primary and secondary latches.