Exterior views of vehicle from side, front and rear with callouts
  1. Exterior lights (Lights)
  2. Front doors (Keys and Doors)
  3. Falcon wing doors (Keys and Doors)
  4. Charge port (Charging Instructions)
  5. Active spoiler (optional) (Active Spoiler)
  6. Autopilot cameras (About Autopilot)
  7. Exterior mirrors (Mirrors)
  8. Radar sensor (hidden from view in the above image) (About Autopilot)
  9. Hood/Front trunk (Front Trunk)
  10. Wheels and tires (Wheels and Tires)
  11. Rear view camera (Rear Facing Camera(s) and About Autopilot)
  12. Rear trunk/liftgate (Rear Trunk)
  13. Ultrasonic sensors (Park Assist and About Autopilot)