Normal Operating Sounds

While your Model 3 is incredibly quiet, it is not completely silent. There are some sounds your vehicle makes as part of its normal daily operation and are not a cause for concern. Below is a list of possible normal operating sounds your vehicle could make based on where the sound is coming from:

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This is a general guide to help you understand common sounds you may hear from your vehicle during its normal course of operation. It is not a diagnosis of your vehicle, and does not represent a comprehensive list of normal sounds you may hear. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Tesla Service for any reason, contact your local service center.

While Driving

Humming, Whirring, or Wooshing Sound

When your vehicle is Parked, especially outside on a hot day, you may hear a humming or slight ticking sound from the front of the vehicle near the front trunk. This may happen even when your vehicle is not charging. You may also hear this sound when Model 3 is parked after a long drive. This is the sound of your vehicle cooling the battery to maintain its optimal temperature. This sound signifies that the A/C compressor is working to cool the cabin. This is caused by extra demand on the climate system to meet all your vehicle's cooling needs. The sound may gradually decrease in frequency and/or volume as the optimal temperature is reached.

Vibration Sound/Feeling in Steering Wheel

In this instance, the steering wheel vibrates because Lane Departure Warning alerts you that the vehicle detects an unintentional lane line crossing.

Whirring or Whining While Driving at Low Speeds (if Equipped with Pedestrian Warning System)

This sound is audible when the vehicle is driving at low speeds to alert nearby pedestrians that the vehicle is in motion. The whirring or whining sound is slightly different depending on whether Model 3 is driving forward or reversing.

Noise in Driver's Footwell When Brake is Pressed

When Model 3 comes to a stop, Hold may activate. This holds the vehicle in place until you press the accelerator pedal, allowing you to remove your foot from the brake pedal if needed. As Hold initially enables, this faint sound may be heard from the driver’s footwell, as well as a feeling that the brake pedal depresses further. On the touchscreen, the Hold icon also appears:
Gray icon of an "H" in a circle.

While Parked

Clicking, Clunking, or Thumping Sound From Floor of Vehicle

When Parked, Model 3 opens the HV Battery contactors to help conserve energy. This sound occurs when you start the vehicle after it's been Parked, and signifies that the high voltage contactors are closing the circuit between your vehicle and the Battery.

Creaking or Cranking From the Tires or Brakes

When you vehicle has been Parked for a long period of time and you shift into Drive, you may hear this sound. This is because your vehicle is using its disc brakes to hold the wheels in place while in Park. The sound occurs when the brake calipers release from the rotors and can be quite loud, especially in cold weather or after heavy rain.

While Charging

Banging, Clunking, Popping, or Thumping Noise While Supercharging

This sound comes from the floor of your vehicle (where the HV Battery is located) and occurs when the metal components in your vehicle's HV Battery naturally expand or contract to accommodate ambient temperature changes.