Tesla Delivery Day

Your Tesla delivery experience should be simple and easy. Before taking delivery, be sure you've taken all the necessary steps.

Prepare for Delivery

Confirm Details in your Tesla Account
After your order is placed, complete the pre-delivery tasks in your Tesla Account. This is required to receive a VIN, final contracts and a delivery date.

Pre-delivery tasks ask for details such as:

  • Delivery location*
  • Registration and drivers license information for all owners/registrants*
  • Payment details
  • Trade-in details, if applicable
  • Insurance information

* Note: Some states require your Tesla to be delivered in the state of registration.

Gather Documentation
All necessary documents must be present to take delivery of your new Tesla. We suggest gathering these ahead of time, so they're all set on the day of your appointment.

What to Expect on Delivery Day

Documents and Ownership Information 
Before taking delivery of your car, a Tesla team member will make sure all necessary documents are complete. If multiple names are listed on the registration, each individual must be present to take delivery.

On your delivery day, please bring all required documentation:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Copy of your auto insurance*
  • Final payment if you’re taking delivery in a Tesla sales licensed state*
  • If applicable, your trade-in along with the registration, title or payoff information and any accessories listed with your car when the trade-in offer was provided

* Note: Ask your Tesla delivery team about your state's specific delivery requirements. Certain states require additional steps to be taken prior to delivery day.

Vehicle Introduction
After your documents are complete, we'll take you through a 5-10 minute orientation for your car. This will cover the basics of operating your new Tesla.

Additional Resources
Watch the videos below to get better acquainted with your new Tesla. You can access these videos any time on Tesla Support or in the Tesla app.

Model S and Model X

Model 3

More information about operation, specific features and software updates is listed in your Owner’s Manual and release notes. Tap the Tesla ‘T’ logo at the top of your touchscreen to access them.

After Delivery

For more information about ownership, visit our After Taking Delivery Support page.