Tesla Insurance Using Real-Time Driving Behavior

Tesla offers insurance using real-time driving behavior. This is currently available to all Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y owners in select U.S. states, with more states coming in the future.

How It Works

Unlike any other telematics or usage-based insurance products, Tesla Insurance does not require an additional device to be in your vehicle. Tesla uses specific features within the vehicles to evaluate the premium for your vehicle.

Your Tesla Insurance premium is determined based on what vehicle you drive, your provided address, how much you drive, what coverage you select and the vehicle’s monthly Safety Score. We assume a Safety Score of 90 when you first sign up. Your premium can adjust monthly based on your Safety Score. The higher your score is, the lower your premium can be. Tesla will always notify you in advance of your new monthly premium.

Built with privacy in mind, Tesla does not monitor your location or keep a history of where you’ve been. Tesla collects the information from your vehicle necessary to compute your Safety Score, which includes measures of your driving behavior and miles driven. Tesla does not sell or rent your vehicle data to anyone for any purpose. Unless you direct Tesla to do so when it’s necessary to perform services on your behalf — your data stays with you. Learn more about Tesla’s insurance data practices by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

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Tesla offers insurance using real-time driving behavior. This is currently available to all Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y owners in the following states:

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Safety Score Beta

The Safety Score Beta is the first release of the Safety Score which is an assessment of your driving behavior based on five metrics called Safety Factors. These are combined to estimate the likelihood that your driving could result in a future collision.

Your daily Safety Score is not impacted by the number of miles or hours you drive. Every month, we combine your daily Safety Scores into a 30-day, mileage-weighted average to calculate the Safety Score used to update your premium.

Learn more about the Safety Score Beta and how Safety Factors impact your Safety Score.

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Tesla aims to simplify the calculation of your premium. We limited the information about you and your vehicle, which impacts your premium to the following six categories:

How safely you drive
Real Time Insurance uses Safety Score Beta to quantify how safely you drive. Your premium is based on a mile-weighted average of the daily Safety Scores over the last 30 days.

At the end of every trip, you will get real time feedback on your driving behaviors, and your Safety Score will be updated. Based on the changes in your Safety Score, you will see an estimate of your next premium in real time. The higher your Safety Score, the lower your premium will be.

If you have more than one Tesla vehicle, each one of your Tesla vehicles will have its own Safety Score, which impacts the premium of each vehicle.

Non-Tesla vehicles will not have a Safety Score.

How much you drive
Upon purchase, your premium for the first 6 months will be determined based on your own estimated mileage. Every 6 months thereafter, your actual miles driven in those 6 months will be used to determine your premium in the following 6 months.

What vehicle you drive
Your vehicle make, model, trim and model year determine the repair cost or total value of the vehicle if it gets into an incident. Generally, the more expensive your vehicle is, the higher your premium will be.

Where you live
Where you live is correlated with safety and incident statistics in the area. Generally, the safer your neighborhood is, the lower your premium will be.

What coverage you have
Your premium will vary based on what coverages you select and what level of coverage you choose. Other than liability coverages including Bodily Injury and Property Damage, which are required by law, you have the option to select additional coverages. The more coverages you have, the higher your premium will be. For each coverage, the higher your limit or the lower your deductible, the higher your premium will be.

How many vehicles you insure
If you insure more than one vehicle with Tesla Insurance, you will get a 12% discount on your policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tesla Insurance pricing differ from traditional insurance?
Different from most traditional insurance products, we have removed the following variables that would otherwise impact your premium:

When will my premium change?
Your premium will change in one of three circumstances:

My Safety Score changed. When will my premium reflect my new Safety Score?
Your Safety Score for each vehicle gets updated at the end of each month based on your driving in the previous 30 days and it will impact your premium in the following month. Tesla will notify you in advance of your new monthly premium. Here is an illustration of how the Safety Score impacts the premium each month:

Month Safety Score
From Trips*
Safety Score
for Rating
Monthly Premium
1 95 90 $121.00
2 88 90 $121.00
3 92 95 $97.00
4 98 88 $130.00
5 96 92 $111.00
6 93 98 $83.00

* Safety Score from trips are updated by the end of each billing cycle.

What happens if the minimum requirements to get a Safety Score are not met?
Vehicles that do not have the capability to report data, or stop transmitting data for 60 consecutive days, will be treated as an unconnected vehicle. An unconnected vehicle's premium is determined using a Safety Score of approximately 86.

Can I try out the Safety Score before purchasing an insurance policy?
Currently, you can get your Safety Score for your vehicle in one of two ways:

My vehicle doesn’t have the hardware needed to give Forward Collision Warnings. How is my Safety Score calculated?
If your vehicle does not include one of the safety features utilized in the Safety Score (due to Hardware or Firmware limitations), the Safety Score is calculated without it. When calculating the Safety Score, the median values will be used by default.

What happens to my Safety Score if I cancel my policy and repurchase later?
If you cancel your policy or remove your vehicle from your existing policy, and then later add it to a new or a different existing policy, the vehicle’s latest Safety Score from when it was removed from the policy will be used for the vehicle’s first month’s premium when reinsured with Real Time Insurance. Thereafter, your premium will change as normal.

If your vehicle has not been on a Tesla Insurance policy for over a year, a Safety Score of 90 will be used.

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