Tesla Lending

Tesla lending is available for five to six year terms. Use this calculator to estimate your monthly payment or compare with Tesla Leasing.

Estimate your Loan Payment

Your ZIP
Vehicle Subtotal Design your Model S
Design your Model X
Delivery $1,200
Total $
Amount Financed (max)

Order Payment $
Payment at Signing $ plus sales tax and registration
Vehicle Price $
Sales Tax $
Registration Fees $
Amount Financed –$
Monthly Payment $
Annual Percentage Rate %

Price indicated does not include taxes and registration fees unless stated otherwise. You will be responsible for these additional taxes and fees. The payment calculations are provided for informational purposes only and may reflect assumptions that may not apply to you or loan terms for which you may not qualify.

The Tesla Resale Value Guarantee is not valid with this loan offering.

Tesla guarantees the resale value of your Model S to be similar to or greater than other cars in its class. After three years, you can turn in your Model S for 50% of the original base price plus 43% of options. Contact Us for more information.

How to apply

To apply, please complete a loan application in your Tesla Account within one month of your delivery. A member of our Financial Services team will contact you within two days of receiving your application, or you can contact them directly at