Tesla Delivery Day

Your Tesla delivery experience should be simple and easy. Before taking delivery, be sure you've taken all the necessary steps.

Prepare for Delivery

Review and Confirm Delivery
After placing your order, log into your Tesla Account to confirm your delivery details. Your new Tesla will be eligible for delivery once your delivery details are submitted and our delivery team has processed the information. Completion of these tasks is required to receive final contracts.

Your delivery details may include:

  • Delivery location
  • Registration
  • Trade-in
  • Payment method

Delivery Documents and Final Payment
Before your delivery appointment, submit your final payment and necessary documents through your Tesla Account. These documents must also be present when you take delivery of your Tesla.

Tesla App
Before your delivery appointment, download the Tesla app to access our video tutorials and support resources. Your Tesla will automatically pair to the app on delivery day.

app store google play

Delivery Scheduling
Once your car is available, our delivery team will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Delivery timing varies based on many factors, including production, logistics and timely completion of your delivery tasks.

What to Expect on Delivery Day

Delivery Options
Tesla provides different delivery options depending on your schedule and preference of location. Your Tesla Advisor will contact you to schedule a delivery option that is accommodating to you.

Documents and Ownership Information
Document required at your delivery appointment may include*:

  • Final Payment
  • Drivers License(s)
  • Auto Insurance
  • Trade-in Ownership Documents

* Note: Final payment requirements vary based on location and purchase method.

Vehicle Introduction
We recommend reviewing these features before taking delivery of your new Tesla:

After Delivery

Tap "Service" on your touchscreen to access your digital Owner’s Manual for more information about operating your Tesla, specific features and software updates.

For more information about ownership, visit our After Taking Delivery Support page.