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Tesla Electric Enrollment

Tesla Electric is an electric power plan made for Powerwall owners in Texas. We bring Tesla’s unique expertise in energy markets and energy storage to your home, lowering your bills and boosting your sell-back credits.


Tesla Electric Mode

Tesla Electric unlocks more value out of your exported energy with Tesla Electric Mode. Our algorithms monitor electricity prices in your area in real time and direct Powerwall to export power when prices are high.

Unlike other solar buyback plans, where excess solar is 'bought' when it is abundant and cheap, Powerwall enables customers to sell energy when it is in higher demand and more valuable. Compared to other real-time solar buyback plans, Tesla Electric may help its customers unlock substantially more value from their energy exports than real-time solar buyback plans.

Stay in Control of Your Backup Reserve

Tesla Electric Mode respects your Powerwall Backup Reserve setting no matter how high the sell prices are. You can increase your Backup Reserve if you think a power outage is likely in your area, or turn on Storm Watch in your Tesla app. We recommend setting your battery Backup Reserve to 20%. The more energy you make available for Tesla Electric Mode, the more value you’ll get out of your sellback credits.

Sellback Credits

Tesla Electric customers can roll over their credits indefinitely while they stay on the plan. If you have accumulated sellback credits at the end of each 12 months with Tesla Electric, you can redeem them for cash.

Stable Rates

Tesla Electric rates can vary slightly month-to-month, but we aim to keep them stable over the course of a year. Our goal is to offer you the stability of an annual contract plan on a flexible month-to-month basis. You can try Tesla Electric for a few months and cancel without a penalty if you find something better.

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