Lease-End Options

If your lease is ending in the next few months, we recommend learning about your lease-end options.


All Tesla products get better over time with over-the-air software updates and our newest cars come with all our latest options—including faster acceleration, longer range, dual motor all-wheel drive, and enhanced interior styling.


You can purchase your current Tesla at any time. Contact Tesla Finance at (844) 837-5285 or to start the process.

As a reminder your car is protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty: 4-year or 50,000 miles—whichever occurs first. If you choose to purchase, you’ll have the option of extending this warranty to 8-year or 100,000 miles. In addition, your Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty will continue to protect your Tesla for 8-years or unlimited miles.


You will be contacted 15 to 60 days before your lease ends to schedule a required, complimentary inspection. Once completed, contact your local Tesla showroom or our lease returns team at to schedule an appointment to return your car.

End of Lease FAQs

Can I extend my lease?
If your account is in good standing, you can extend your lease for up to 6 months beyond the original end date listed on your lease. To apply for an extension, contact Tesla Finance at (844) 837-5285 or

How do I extend my warranty?
If you want to purchase your Tesla, an Extended Service Agreement is available.

Where can I get repairs done before the inspection?
Tesla operates service centers across North America. Find your nearest Service Center.

If I have to wait for my new Tesla, will I get a loaner car?
Loaner cars are not available during the transition period. If you are in need of a car sooner than the estimated delivery timeframe, local inventory may be an alternative option.

I don’t live near a Service Center. How will I get my Tesla?
Transportation may be provided to retrieve your Tesla by a per-mile fee. Contact your local Tesla Service Center for questions or to arrange transportation.

Contact a member of our Ownership Loyalty team at (844) 45-TESLA or

Return Checklist

  1. Excess wear and tear: Review any excess wear and tear on your vehicle with our guide.
  2. Schedule inspection: Schedule your required inspection 15 to 60 days before your maturity.
  3. Schedule drop off: Contact your local showroom or our lease returns team at to schedule an appointment for return at your local delivery center.

Please bring the following to your drop-off appointment:

  • Two sets of keys
  • Your Mobile Connector charging cable

After your return, you will be billed for any remaining charges to meet your lease obligations.