Lease-End Options

If your lease is ending in the next few months, we recommend learning about your lease-end options.


All Tesla products get better over time with over-the-air software updates and our newest cars come with all our latest options—including faster acceleration, longer range, dual motor all-wheel drive, and enhanced interior styling.


You will be contacted 30-60 days prior to your maturity date to complete your final inspection, and schedule your drop off appointment. Please reach out to with any questions on the return process.


Please review your lease agreement to see if you have the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of your lease. Model 3 is not eligible for purchase at any point in your lease agreement.

If you are currently leasing a vehicle that is eligible for purchase, contact Tesla Finance at (844) 837-5285 or to begin the process.

End of Lease FAQs

Can I extend my lease?
If your account is in good standing, you can extend your lease for up to 6 months beyond the original end date listed on your lease. To apply for an extension, contact Tesla Finance at (844) 837-5285 or

How do I extend my warranty?
If you are purchasing your Tesla, an Extended Service Agreement is available.

Where can I get repairs done before the inspection?
Tesla operates Service Centers across North America. Find your nearest Service Center.

If I have to wait for my new Tesla, will I get a loaner car?
Loaner cars are not available during the transition period. If you are in need of a car sooner than the estimated delivery timeframe, local inventory may be an alternative option.

I don’t live near a Service Center. How can I return my Tesla?
Transportation may be provided to retrieve your Tesla by a per-mile fee. Contact your local Tesla Service Center for questions or to arrange transportation.

Contact a member of our Ownership Loyalty team at

Return Checklist

  1. Excess wear and tear: Review any excess wear and tear on your vehicle with our guide.
  2. Inspect: Submit photos of your vehicle to determine potential excess wear charges.
  3. Schedule drop off: Contact our Lease Returns team at to schedule an appointment for return at your local delivery center.

Please bring the following to your drop-off appointment:

  • Both key fobs
  • Mobile charging bundle

After your return, you will be billed for any remaining charges to meet your lease obligations.