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    Changing or Modifying Your Order

    Your Model 3 Delivery

    Ordering Model 3

    Canceling Your Order

    Changing or Modifying Your Order

    Can I edit my Model 3 design after placing my order?
    Yes. Log into your Tesla Account, select the ‘Manage’ button next to your Model 3 and select ‘Edit Design’.

    How will editing my design after placing my order affect delivery timing?
    After placing your order, any edit to your car’s design has the potential to affect delivery timing, depending on the availability of the features in your final design.

    Note: Reverting to your original design after editing may not return you to your original delivery timeframe.

    Can I transfer my Model 3 order or reservation before delivery?
    After you place your order, you can transfer your reservation to another person by working with a Delivery Advisor.

    Your Model 3 Delivery

    What should I expect on the day of delivery?
    On delivery day, our Delivery Experience Specialists will provide an overview of basic features and answer any questions you have. To prepare for delivery day, review the checklist in your Tesla Account, including items such as final delivery paperwork and contracts. You can also learn about your Model 3 before your delivery by watching our support videos.

    Can I reschedule my delivery?
    Yes. To reschedule your delivery appointment, contact your Delivery Advisor.

    Where can I find the estimated delivery timing for my Model 3?
    You will be able to view estimated delivery timing in the Design Studio, based on options you select while configuring your Model 3. After you place your order, you can check estimated delivery timing in your Tesla Account.

    I’m a Model 3 reservation holder. Will I receive priority delivery?
    Actual delivery timeframes are based on reservation date, order date, delivery location and vehicle configuration.

    Where can I find my delivery contracts?
    Delivery contracts are generally made available in your Tesla Account within 48 hours of your scheduled delivery date. If you don’t see your contracts within 48 hours, please contact your Delivery Advisor. If you don’t know who your Delivery Advisor is, please email CustomerSupport@tesla.com from the email address on your Tesla Account for assistance.

    I’m unable to connect with my Delivery Advisor. What should I do?
    Please contact CustomerSupport@tesla.com from the email address on your Tesla Account for assistance.

    Ordering Model 3

    When will Model 3 be available to view or test drive in stores?
    Model 3 is already available to view in Tesla stores across North America. In the coming months, more test drive cars will be available at additional locations. Sign up and we’ll notify you as soon as Model 3 test drives become available in your area.

    How do I know which features are standard and optional for Model 3?
    You can learn about all Model 3 features here, or in the Design Studio.

    What type of payment options are available for my Model 3?
    We currently support purchases in cash and via third-party financial institutions. As your delivery day approaches, you will be able to confirm your final payment options in your Tesla Account.

    Will I be eligible to receive incentives for purchasing Model 3?
    You may be eligible for local or federal tax incentives when you purchase your Model 3. We recommend speaking with a tax professional for guidance, as some incentives may depend on your personal tax situation.

    What charging options are available for Model 3?
    Model 3 comes with the same home charging options as all Tesla cars, including the standard hardware required to access our global Supercharger network. A small fee will apply for Supercharging—which is only a fraction of the cost of gas.

    I placed my Model 3 order. What’s next?
    After your order is placed, complete the steps needed to prepare for delivery:

    • Log into your Tesla Account to complete your delivery profile. This includes selecting your delivery location, uploading documentation and registration information, and confirming your trade-in and payment preferences.
      Note: If you’re applying for Tesla Lending, make sure to do this when you’re within 30 days of your scheduled delivery date.
    • Prepare for charging at home by learning about what options are available, and find an electrician to assist with your installation.
    • Download the Tesla mobile app to learn about your car and help prepare for your delivery day.

    Canceling Your Order

    How can I cancel my Model 3 order?
    If you have already designed and ordered your Model 3, please send your cancellation request to CustomerSupport@tesla.com from the email address on your Tesla Account. Please note that after receiving a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you will not be eligible to receive a refund for your order deposit.

    How can I cancel my Model 3 reservation?
    If you have not designed and ordered your Model 3 and are still holding a reservation, log into your Tesla Account, select the ‘Manage’ button next to your Model 3 and select ‘Submit a request’ to cancel your reservation.

    I canceled my Model 3 reservation. When can I expect to receive my refund?
    If you’ve canceled your Model 3 reservation, it can take up to 45 business days to complete processing your refund and have the funds returned to you. If it has been more than 45 business days, contact us at CustomerSupport@tesla.com.

    Model 3 Support Videos

    Learn more about your Model 3 and its features.