Best Rate Guarantee


  • Valid for NEW Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y delivered in the US.*
  • Tesla will match your rate if you can demonstrate valid approval for a lower rate from your third-party bank.
  • The approval must meet the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms & Conditions

  • *Excludes Model 3 Standard Range
  • Name(s) on loan approval must match the Tesla Loan.
  • The interest rate must be for the same loan type, amount & payment schedule.
  • Stated date of approval (not more than 30 days prior to, and not more than 7 days post Delivery date)
  • Proof of approval: An official PDF, photo or screenshot are all acceptable forms of verification (Pre-approvals not valid)
  • Tesla may contact the third-party bank to verify the validity of the loan rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Send proof of your third-party loan approval to, within seven days of delivery, along with your reservation number (RNXXXXXXX).

How does Tesla calculate the refund?
Tesla calculates the refund as the difference in monthly payments over the course of the loan.

When do I receive my payment?
For a rate match prior to delivery, your loan paperwork will be adjusted to match your third party lender’s rate. For post-delivery rate match requests, you can expect a rebate check within six weeks once your approval is validated.