Using Your Tesla Account

In November 2016 Tesla acquired SolarCity, creating the world’s first vertically integrated sustainable energy company. Since then, we have been working to enhance the user experience for all SolarCity customers by delivering the same tools and benefits offered to Tesla customers.

We’re excited to introduce access to the Tesla Account and Tesla app for one seamless experience with continued enhancements. While many customers have enjoyed access to one or both accounts, they will no longer have access to the MySolarCity Account and App in the coming months.

All MySolarCity accounts will remain active until August 15, 2019. Learn more about the changes, improvements and other support resources starting today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have a MySolarCity account. How do I set up my Tesla Account?
Your Tesla Account has already been created using the name and email associated with your MySolarCity account. You will need to reset your password by following the password reset instructions.

If you already have a Tesla login that shares the same email as your MySolarcity account, you can simply log in to your existing Tesla Account to see your newly added solar information.

Once you’ve confirmed your Tesla Account credentials, you can:

  • Download the Tesla app on iOS or Android and log in to begin monitoring your system
  • Log into your Tesla Account via web browser

What's the difference between my Tesla Account and Tesla app?
Your Tesla Account is only available on your desktop or mobile browser, where you can:

  • Track your solar order or complete any requirements before installation
  • Manage your account information
  • Review important documents
  • Access frequently asked questions and support
  • Access your Billing Portal to set up autopay, make a monthly payment or view your account balance if you are a solar lease or PPA customer

Your Tesla app is designed for all mobile monitoring. View your current and historical energy usage and impact, access and share your referral code, and receive messages and updates via the Tesla inbox.

Where can I find more information about my Tesla Account?
You can visit our Account Support page for helpful tips.

Can I still use my MySolarCity account?
Your MySolarCity account and MySolarcity mobile app will remain active until August 15, 2019. After this date, all account and product management will occur through your Tesla Account and Tesla app.

I am a solar lease/PPA solar owner. How do I access my Billing Portal from my Tesla Account?
Log into your Tesla Account and select your solar product, then select ‘Billing Portal’. If you’re having trouble logging into your account, follow the password reset instructions. If you’re having trouble accessing your Billing Portal, contact us.

Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

Can I still view my historical system impact and usage?
Yes. Once you’ve selected either ‘Impact’ or ‘Energy Usage’, you can select from preset timeframes to view your historical data.

During the transition between mobile apps, full access to your historical data is limited.

We've released the following feature enhancements to the Tesla app:

  • You will be able to view your solar production, home consumption and Powerwall use for any historical day, month or year. Navigate from day to day, or week to week, etc. to see your home’s solar production over time. We will also be adding lifetime views.
  • You will be able to export your solar and battery production data. From the Energy Usage page, you can download your own data and send 5 minute power data from the selected period to your computer via airdrop, email, sms and other methods.

Can I still see my savings calculations?
Due to data customization requirements, we no longer support savings calculations.

Are local weather details still available on my Tesla Account and Tesla app?
Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available.

Can I access AmpIt in the Tesla app?
AmpIt is not available in the Tesla app. Access the Tesla Energy forums to communicate with other owners and review top posts.