Tesla Account Support

Your Tesla Account includes owner resources, guides and important updates. Combined with the Tesla app, you can do everything from remotely monitoring your car and energy usage to transferring ownership.

Basic Account Support

How do I create a Tesla Account?
If you ordered your car on the Tesla website, your Tesla Account was created using the e-mail address and password used while configuring your Tesla.

You can also create a Tesla Account by following these steps:

How do I update my Tesla Account preferences and information?
To update your information, log into your Tesla Account and select 'Account' to update your saved details.

I have two Tesla Accounts. Can I merge them?
Yes. Contact us from one of the email addresses on file to request a merge. In your request, please include each email address for each product in the accounts you would like to merge, and which email address you wish to keep after the merge.

Adding and Removing Products

I have multiple Tesla products. How can I switch views?
You can switch views in two ways:

How do I remove a product from my Tesla Account?
To remove a vehicle from your Tesla Account, see the question below. If you are removing an Energy product, submit a contact request and select “Energy Product Support” as the topic. You will be notified by email once the removal process is complete.

I just sold my Tesla. How do I remove the old car from my Tesla Account?
You can remove the old car using your Tesla Account and your associated email address. Once your car is removed, you will no longer be the associated owner. However, Supercharging history will remain in your account.

To get started, log into your Tesla Account, and follow these steps:

How can I add a car to my Tesla Account?
To add a car, submit an ownership transfer request from your Tesla Account. In your request, you will be asked to submit ownership documents and information, such as:

Once your request is processed, Tesla will contact you to either confirm the addition or request more information. Please note, the verification process may take up to 72 hours.

Billing and Payments

How do I add additional credit cards?
You can add a credit card through your car’s charging screen or in your Tesla Account. Existing payment methods can also be edited or removed in your Tesla Account.

I am a lease/PPA solar owner. How do I access my Billing Portal from my Tesla Account?
To access your Billing Portal, log into your Tesla account and select 'Manage' for your solar product. Then select 'Billing Portal.'

Car Access

What is Car Access?
Car Access allows you to add and remove access permission for an additional driver. You can add and remove additional drivers at any time from your Tesla Account.

Which permissions will my additional driver have?
Your additional driver will have access to all Tesla app features except requesting Roadside Assistance and purchasing Upgrades.

How can I give Car Access an additional driver?
Follow these steps to add your additional driver:

Note: If no Tesla Account is associated with the additional driver’s email address, your additional driver will receive an email confirmation prompting to complete creating an account.

How can I remove Car Access?
Follow these steps to remove your additional driver: