Customer Support & Roadside Assistance

Customer Support & Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365. Call 877-79-TESLA (877-798-3752).
If you are hearing impaired, contact us via email here.

For non-urgent matters relating to Customer Support, please contact us via All emails are processed within a 24-hour period.

Our support team is in-house and based in Fremont, CA for the North American market. We will quickly assess the situation and can assist with common questions and troubleshooting issues. If needed, we can assist in transporting your vehicle with minimal disruption to your day utilizing our Tesla trained network of tow providers across North America.


Our Customer Support team is available to support general operation questions you may have about your vehicle along with basic troubleshooting of issues.

Please note that for non-urgent service related concerns or more detailed diagnosis, you can reach out directly to your nearest Service Center for support or to schedule a service visit. You can find your nearest Service Center by clicking here. In the Service Center contact info you will also find their email address for non-urgent inquiries.

Your Owner's Manual is accessible by logging into your Tesla Account or directly on your touchscreen by tapping Controls > Settings > Owner’s Manual (lower left corner).

Release Notes are available for an overview of the software your vehicle is currently running by tapping the Tesla “T” logo at the top of your touchscreen. Also in the same window will be the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which we will ask you to verify when you call in for support. For security purposes, we may also ask for a couple additional pieces of info on your account to verify you are the owner of the vehicle.


Tesla Roadside Assistance is a service intended to minimize inconvenience when your Tesla vehicle is inoperable. This service is available during the first 4 years or 80,000 km, whichever occurs first for vehicles covered by the New or Used Vehicle Limited Warranty at the time of the occurrence. Roadside Assistance will also be provided under the Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty for any issues related to either of those two components; excluding collision coverage. For vehicle malfunctions due to warrantable issues, transportation services for the first 800 km is covered by Tesla; is limited to one tow per incident; and does not cover transportation due to issues not covered by the warranty. Please refer to our Roadside Assistance policy for full details and disclosures.

Flat Tire

In some markets, our trained tow providers carry a limited number of loaner wheels to quickly exchange for the damaged wheel so you can continue your journey. The damaged wheel will be transported to the nearest Tesla Service Center. Simply arrange with the service center a good time to drop in within a few days to exchange the loaner wheel for your original wheel. If a loaner wheel is unavailable, we will arrange for your vehicle to be transported to the nearest Tesla Service Center. Tesla will cover up to 80 km for a trained tow provider to assist you with a flat tire. Wheel and tire damage is not covered by the New or Used Vehicle Limited Warranty. Please check with your local service center for pricing and availability of tires.

Lock Out

To perform remote functions to your vehicle, such as remote unlock, we will need verification that you are the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle must be online and communicating with us to perform a remote unlock. You can also remotely unlock your vehicle from your Tesla Mobile App. If for any reason a remote unlock is not available, we will assist in dispatching a trained tow provider within 80 km of your vehicle’s location to manually unlock your vehicle. If the key fob is not present and the vehicle needs to be towed, a one-time courtesy tow will be provided within 80 km. If the vehicle is not covered by the New or Used Vehicle Limited Warranty; and a trained tow provider is required to manually unlock or tow your vehicle; this service will be at your expense.


In the event of a collision, we are available to assist you with arranging a trained tow provider to transport your vehicle at your expense. Our Roadside Assistance service does not cover the cost associated with towing vehicles involved in collisions and Tesla Service Centers do not perform body repairs, so we will be advising you of the nearest Tesla-approved collision repair facility to which your vehicle should be taken.

Stolen Vehicle

In the event your vehicle is stolen, please call the police and file a stolen vehicle report. If your vehicle is online and Remote Access is enabled from your touchscreen, use your Tesla Mobile App to locate your vehicle and have the police report to the location of your vehicle. Tesla does not advise that you attempt to recover your stolen vehicle without police assistance. Customer Support & Roadside Assistance does not have visibility to the location of your vehicle.

For more information please review our Roadside Assistance policy.