Powerwall Owner FAQs

Why isn't my Powerwall charging?

When installed with PV, Powerwall is designed to charge from solar energy. If your solar system is not yet operational, Powerwall will not be able to charge. If your solar system is operational and you are in Self-powered Mode, Powerwall will charge with any excess solar that your home doesn't immediately use. Smaller solar systems sometimes do not produce more than your home is currently using. You can increase the backup reserve or switch to Backup-only, which will prioritize charging Powerwall with any solar production.

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Why does the Tesla mobile app show power flows or values that appear inaccurate?

Power flow shows the instantaneous flow of power of your home energy system. On a typical day a combination of solar, grid, and Powerwall may be powering your home. Solar energy may flow to the grid when your home does not need it and Powerwall is full. When charging your Powerwall to its backup reserve level or in Backup-only mode, solar power will flow directly from solar to Powerwall while grid energy is drawn for the home.

Where can I find my Powerwall Gateway information?

The part number and serial number for your Powerwall Gateway will appear on a sticker on the inside of the Gateway door. Learn how to locate your Gateway information.