Home Assessment

After an Energy Specialist has called to confirm my Powerwall order, how long will it be until I’m contacted by the installer?

After you’ve made a Powerwall reservation and signed a Purchase Agreement, a Tesla Certified Installer will directly reach out to you within 3 business days to schedule a home assessment. To ensure that our Australian customers receive the best service, we work directly with local partners who have undergone Powerwall training and obtained accreditation to become Tesla Certified Installers. Tesla oversees our direct local partners to ensure that they meet strict standards of customer care and installation quality.

What occurs during a home assessment?

A pre-installation home assessment is required to gather all the information we need to deliver a Powerwall installation that integrates seamlessly into your energy system. All information gathered during home assessments are passed onto Tesla's design specialists, who will use the information to determine the optimal installation location and required installation hardware. Tesla requires that you be home on the day of the home assessment to provide access, indicate your preferred Powerwall location, and answer questions about your home energy needs.

What are the next steps after the home assessment?

After your pre-installation home assessment, we will submit your grid connection application. The grid connection application approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the type of distributor and the specifics of your installation. We will notify you as soon as your grid application is approved. After the grid application has been approved, a Tesla Certified Installer will contact you to schedule an installation date.