Prepare for Installation

After your home energy assessment or quote, Tesla or your Powerwall Certified Installer will explain the best ways to prepare for installation, which are found below.

Review proposal and installation details

Review your proposed design to make sure the location and details are accurate. Know whether your Powerwall system is designed to back up all or some of your home loads. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your sales representative before installation day.

Prepare your home

A typical Powerwall installation crew will have two or three people working to get Powerwall in place and complete all required electrical work. If you are installing solar at the same time, an additional four installers could be on site.

To ensure a quick and efficient installation, clear the ground, wall space, and any key access points for installers to work. Some installers may use a small dolly to move Powerwall around. Minimum clearances required for installation of Powerwall and the Backup Gateway are shown below.

Expect loss of power during installation

Your Powerwall installation will typically take a full day to complete, and the power will be out for roughly six hours. If additional electrical work is required, the power could be out for up to 8 hours or more.

Keep this in mind when planning your day, as power will be out to the entire home. This includes refrigerators, heating/cooling systems and your home Internet connection. If loss of power for a sustained period will be an issue, contact your installation team in advance to discuss options.

Access to the Internet

Powerwall requires an active Internet connection (wired or wireless), which allows you to monitor your Powerwall system with the Tesla app. Identify where your home router is located and have login information available.

While a wired home network is preferred for best performance, if one is not available, Powerwall can use an internal cellular connection to the Internet.

Start using your Powerwall

After installation, you can start using Powerwall when the utility provides Permission to Operate (PTO). PTO requirements vary by region and utility. Your installation team will  provide updates as PTO is granted.

Your installation team will demonstrate the features of Powerwall using the Tesla app. You can also find more information on how to use Powerwall in your Owner’s Manual and get additional support from the Tesla website.