Troubleshooting Your Powerwall

Your Powerwall may require some basic troubleshooting from time to time. Some issues can be resolved from the convenience of your home, without the need for additional technician assistance.

You can also review your Powerwall owner documents for additional information. If you need to report an emergency related to your Powerwall system, visit First Responders.

Note: Do not troubleshoot during a grid outage or in extreme weather conditions.

Troubleshooting Process

Step 1: Locate the relevant troubleshooting section below if your system is experiencing a problem.

Step 2: Click the ‘Troubleshoot’ button in that section to start the process. You will be asked to log in to your Tesla Account and complete a few preliminary troubleshooting steps.

Step 3: If your issue still isn’t resolved, we’ll connect you with a technical support agent.

Use our self-diagnosis tool below if you need assistance identifying your specific issue.

Gateway Offline

Any of the following may indicate that your Gateway is offline, leaving you unable to view your energy data in the Tesla app:

  • The power flow screen in the app is grayed out or blank.
  • Your Gateway is making a beeping sound.

Meter Offline

Any of the following may indicate that your meter is offline, leaving you unable to view your power flows or energy data in the Tesla app:

  • A part of the power flow data is missing.
  • Your battery storage level has been at 0% for multiple days.
  • Your battery storage level is at <10% and not charging.

Breaker Open

The following may indicate that your breaker is open, leaving your Powerwall unable to store energy:

  • You receive a ‘Breaker Open’ alert in the app.
  • The LED light on the right side of your Powerwall is not turning on.

Note: Do not troubleshoot if there are any signs of heat damage (smoke, burning smell or any other signs of burning) to the Distribution Board. Reach out to Customer Support if you detect heat damage.