Driver Drowsiness Warning

Driver Drowsiness Warning is designed to notify drivers who appear to be drowsy. Driver Drowsiness Warning monitors driver attentiveness as well as driving behavior to determine patterns indicative of drowsiness. When driver drowsiness is detected, an alert is displayed on the touchscreen in the cards area and an alert is sounded.

Driver Drowsiness Warning activates over 65 km/h when driven for a minimum of 10 minutes and Autopilot is not engaged.

Driver drowsiness detected

Take a break

If you see this alert, you may consider stopping and resting before continuing. The alert clears once the patterns of drowsiness have been removed.
Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
When an alert is issued and the speed drops below 60 km/h, the system is not active.

You can disable or enable Driver Drowsiness Warning alerts by touching Controls > Safety > Driver Drowsiness Warning for the current drive cycle (every time the vehicle is in Park and you walk away). Driver Drowsiness Warning automatically re-enables at the start of every drive cycle.

In the event Driver Drowsiness Warning is unavailable, the touchscreen displays a visual warning.

Driver drowsiness warning unavailable

Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
This active safety feature utilizes cabin camera to monitor driver attentiveness. Cabin camera does not perform facial recognition or any other method of identity verification. By default, images and video from the camera do not leave the vehicle itself and are not transmitted to anyone, including Tesla, unless you enable data sharing. To adjust your data sharing preferences touch Controls > Software > Data Sharing > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics. You can change your data sharing settings at any time.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
It is your responsibility to stay alert, drive safely, and be in control of the vehicle at all times. Never depend on Driver Drowsiness Warning to maintain safe control of your vehicle. Always watch the road in front of you and be prepared to take corrective action at all times. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death.

Limitations and Inaccuracies

Driver Drowsiness Warning may not provide warnings when:

  • One or more of the cameras is damaged, dirty, or obstructed (by mud, ice, or snow, or by a vehicle bra, excessive paint, or adhesive products such as wraps, stickers, rubber coatings, etc.).
  • Weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, or fog) are interfering with vehicle systems.
  • An object that is mounted to Model 3 is interfering with and/or obstructing a camera (such as a bike rack or a bumper sticker).
  • Visibility is poor and lane markings are not clearly visible (due to heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.).
  • Lane markings are excessively worn, have visible previous markings, have been adjusted due to road construction or are changing quickly (for example, lanes branching off, crossing over, or merging).
  • An issue with one or more vehicle systems is preventing Driver Drowsiness Warning from functioning properly.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
The lists above do not represent every possible situation that may interfere with Driver Drowsiness Warning and there are many reasons why it may not operate as intended. To avoid a collision, stay alert and always pay attention to the road so you can anticipate the need to take corrective action as early as possible.