Steering Wheel

Adjusting the Steering Wheel Position

To adjust the steering wheel, touch Controls and touch the Steering icon.

Use the left scroll button on the steering wheel to move the steering wheel to the desired position:

  • To adjust the height/tilt angle of the steering wheel, roll the left scroll button up or down.
  • To move the steering wheel closer to you, or further away from you, press the left scroll button to the left or right.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
Do not make steering wheel adjustments while driving.

Adjusting Steering Weight

You can adjust the feel and sensitivity of the steering system to suit your personal preference:

  1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Dynamics > Steering Weight.
  2. Choose a steering option:
    • Light - Reduces the effort required to turn the steering wheel. In town, Model 3 feels easier to drive and park.
    • Medium - Tesla believes that this setting offers the best handling and response in most conditions.
    • Heavy - Increases the effort required to turn the steering wheel. When driving at higher speeds, Model 3 feels more responsive.

Steering Wheel Overview

Your Model 3 features stalkless driving in which all controls you need when driving are accessible on the steering wheel.

The steering wheel design may vary but the function is the same.

Steering wheel with numbered callouts
  1. Left turn signal (see Turn Signals)
  2. Right turn signal (see Turn Signals)
  3. High beam headlights (see High Beam Headlights)
  4. Multifunction light (non-functional)
  5. Cruise control light (non-functional)
  6. Rear-facing camera button
  7. Wipers (see Wipers and Washers)
  8. Voice commands (see Voice Commands)
  9. Right scroll wheel (see Right Scroll Wheel (Autopilot))
  10. Horn (see Horn)
  11. Left scroll wheel (see Left Scroll Wheel (Multifunction) )

Scroll Wheels

The scroll wheel on the left side of the steering wheel controls functions such as mirror adjustment, volume control, and wiper speed. The right scroll wheel controls Autopilot features, such as Autosteer initiation and max speed limit.

Left Scroll Wheel (Multifunction)

Mode Action Function More Information
Normal Press Play/pause media Media
Tilt left/right Next/previous track
Scroll up/down Adjust volume
Wipers* Press Confirm speed Wipers and Washers
Tilt left/right Select wiper speed
Multifunction Long press Activate/set function Left Scroll Wheel Customization
Tilt left/right Navigate list
Scroll Select function
Phone call Tilt left/right Answer/decline a phone call Using the Phone App
In a call, tilt left Mute/unmute
In a call, tilt right End a call

* First press the wiper button on steering wheel to activate.

Left Scroll Wheel Customization

Choose from a list to create quick access to a function by touching Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function. Selecting a function sets the default action when you long press the left scroll button, unless you select Ask each time.

Right Scroll Wheel (Autopilot)

Mode Action Function More Information
Single Click* Press Activate Autosteer Autopilot Settings
Tilt left/right Adjust follow distance
Scroll up/down Adjust max speed
Double Click* Press Activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
Double press Activate Autosteer
Tilt left/right Adjust follow distance
Scroll Adjust max speed

* Choose how you want Autopilot features to be enabled by touching Controls > Autopilot > Autopilot Activation .

Heated Steering Wheel

To warm up the steering wheel, touch the fan icon on the touchscreen to display climate controls (see Adjusting Climate Control Settings), then touch the steering wheel icon. When on, radiant heat keeps the steering wheel at a comfortable temperature.


To sound the horn, press and hold the center pad on the steering wheel.

Steering wheel with an arrow pointing to the center pad.