Interior Overview

Interior view of front cabin with callouts
  1. Interior door handles (Doors)
  2. Left steering yoke buttons
  3. Instrument panel (Instrument Panel)
  4. Right steering yoke buttons
  5. Touchscreen (Touchscreen Overview)
  6. Camera (Cabin Camera)
  7. Cabin climate control (Climate Controls)
  8. Power window switches (Opening and Closing)
  9. Manual door release (Doors)
  10. Seats (Front and Rear Seats)
  11. Brake pedal (Braking and Stopping)
  12. Accelerator pedal (Acceleration Modes)
  13. Wireless phone chargers (Wireless Phone Chargers)
  14. Hazard warning lights (Hazard Warning Flashers)
  15. Secondary drive mode selector (Shifting)
  16. Glovebox (Glovebox)
Interior view of rear cabin with callouts
  1. Rear touchscreen (Rear Touchscreen)
  2. USB ports (USB Ports)
  3. Adjustable climate control vents (Climate Controls)
  4. Console release button (Second Row Console)
  5. Cup holders (Second Row Console)
  6. Wireless phone chargers (Wireless Phone Chargers)
  7. Rear armrest (Second Row Console)