Acceleration Modes

Touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Acceleration to adjust the amount of acceleration you experience when driving Model Y:

  • Chill: limits acceleration for a smooth and gentle ride.
    Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
    When Chill is selected, Chill displays on the touchscreen above the driving speed.
  • Standard: provides the normal level of acceleration on non-Performance vehicles.
  • Sport: provides the normal level of acceleration on Performance vehicles.

You can improve the efficiency of the cabin heating by reducing your selected acceleration mode. This allows the heat pump system to take more heat from the Battery to efficiently heat the cabin, instead of maintaining the Battery's ability to provide peak acceleration performance. This helps to maximize driving efficiency in colder weather. Note that when subsequently increasing the acceleration mode, the Battery requires time to warm up before the increased level of acceleration is available.