Home Assessment

I have submitted my details to be contacted by a Tesla Certified Installer. How long will it be until I'm contacted?

After you have submitted your request to be connected with a Tesla Certified Installer, you will receive a confirmation email from Tesla which will include their details.

A Tesla Certified Installer will directly reach out to you to discuss your requirements. To ensure the best service, all Tesla Certified Installers are accredited and trained in Powerwall. Tesla ensures our Certified Installers meet strict standards of customer care and installation quality.

What occurs during a Certified Installer home assessment?

A pre-installation home assessment is required to gather all the information a Certified Installer needs to deliver a Powerwall installation that meets your home's needs and integrates seamlessly into your energy system. Tesla Certified Installers gather information during home assessments and work with their teams, who will use the information to determine the optimal installation location and required installation hardware.

A Tesla Certified Installer will take you through this process and ask specific questions regarding your energy needs and installation requirements at your home.

What are the next steps after a Certified Installer home assessment?

A Tesla Certified Installer will manage this process. If you proceed to installation, the Certified Installer will work with you on design and installation locations. At this point, they may also submit your grid connection application.

Note: This process may vary between Certified Installers, so it's best to discuss this process with them.