Time-Based Control

If your energy costs vary through the day, or if you are on a time-of-use (TOU) rate plan, Powerwall can perform load shifting to maximise your savings. When electricity is expensive, Powerwall uses stored low-cost energy to power your home. Regional regulations may apply to the operation of Powerwall, which may vary some aspects of this mode.

Powerwall learns how you use energy

Powerwall has an array of electrical current sensors that monitor energy usage and solar energy production. Tesla’s intelligent forecasting software predicts future usage and production to maximise the value of your energy. 

Based on the varying cost of electricity from the grid, Powerwall optimises the times it charges and discharges. If you are forecast to buy high-cost energy, Powerwall prioritises charging during low-cost times, and discharging during high-cost times.

As Powerwall learns, you get the most value from your solar production without having to change how or when you use energy. 

Select the mode for your Powerwall

From the Powerwall home screen in the Tesla app, select 'Customise' and then 'Advanced Time-based Control'. Within this mode, there are two strategies: ‘Balanced’ and ‘Cost Saving’.

'Balanced' uses stored solar to power your home when electricity is expensive and after the sun goes down.

'Cost Saving' uses stored low-cost energy to power your home when electricity is expensive, maximising your savings. 

Powerwall Operating Mode Backup Reserve  Self Powered %     Savings
Backup-Only 100% - -
Self-Powered You set the percentage Great OK
Advanced | Time-Based Control (Balanced) You set the percentage Good Good
Advanced | Time-Based Control (Cost Saving) You set the percentage OK Great

Learn more about Modes of Operation with Solar or Modes of Operation without Solar.

Set your reserve for power outages (Optional) 

Your backup reserve is the minimum percentage of its capacity Powerwall keeps charged in case there is a power outage. For example, setting a 30% reserve for power outages means Powerwall will maintain at least 30% charge that is only used during an outage, while 70% of its capacity is used for cycling. You can increase or decrease the amount reserved using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ icons.   

Edit your price schedule

The first time you select Time-based Control, you will be asked to set up your price schedule. You can let Powerwall know the times electricity is expensive (peak) and inexpensive (off-peak). Other times will be considered mid-priced (shoulder). Select ‘Edit Price Schedule’ and slide the start and stop times for the yellow peak hours and blue off-peak hours to match your utility rate plan. If your schedule is different on weekends and weekdays, use the week/weekend option to input a different schedule. 


Tesla App Price Schedule