Energy Value

Installing solar and Powerwall can help you save money by lowering your energy consumption from the grid. The Tesla app helps estimate savings from your Powerwall with the Energy Value card. This information allows you to view the amount of value generated on a single day, week, month or lifetime from your Powerwall.

By signing in to your  Tesla app , you can manually enter your energy rates to help calculate the cost of energy for your home.

If you have a Powerwall, Energy Value also accounts for the additional value that your Powerwall generates by storing solar energy and lowering your consumption from the grid during the most expensive hours of the day. Your Energy Value is calculated even if your system is not on Time-Based Control.

Energy Value
An estimated amount that you may not have needed to pay your energy retailer.

Available for Powerwall Owners.

Estimates use all data available from your Solar generation and Powerwall, including Home and Grid usage.

Energy Value Estimation

We estimate your Energy Value to be based on the price of your grid energy. This information is based on the data you input from your energy rate plan, your rates can typically be found on your energy bill or by contacting your energy provider.

Follow the steps to add an energy rate plan to help provide estimates for your home.

The Energy Value estimate is calculated from all energy data Tesla has available for your home in the selected period: Solar Production, and your Home and Grid usage. Energy Value is primarily influenced by your solar production, and — if available — your grid imports and exports throughout the day but also accounts for the value that your Powerwall earned by storing excess solar energy produced during off-peak hours and using it during the most expensive hours of the day, also known as load shifting.

Feature Availability

The Energy Value impact cards require the Tesla app version with version 4.2.0 or later. Additional utilities and regions will be added routinely.

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