Installation Overview

Review your Powerwall agreement

You can always reach us on 1 800 68 6705 with any questions about your agreement. An email approval is all we need to move forward with your installation.


It typically takes less than a day to install Powerwall. Your Certified Installer will need you to be home to let the installation team in. You will need to be available throughout the day in case you are required. Your home will lose power for around four hours during the installation process.

Download the Tesla app

Once the system is installed, you can download the Tesla mobile app, where you can monitor your Powerwall and home energy use. Find a more detailed walkthrough of the Tesla app.

Ongoing support

Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty. Tesla and your Certified Installer are here to support you with any questions during that time. You can reach us at 1 800 646 952.