Powerwall Modes of Operation without Solar

Powerwall is customisable and can operate in a number of modes controlled directly from your Tesla app. This article describes the operation of Powerwall in these modes.

If your system is paired with solar, see Modes of Operation with Solar.

Operation Summary

Powerwall is able to prioritise charging and discharging based on its advanced software and intelligent forecasting. It can save energy capacity to charge from a higher priority source later in the day. Similarly, it will maintain energy to discharge to a higher priority destination later in the day. The following table shows Powerwall’s energy dispatch priority based on operating mode. 

Powerwall Operating Mode Charging Priority Discharging Priority


100% of your Powerwall is reserved for backup at all times

1. Grid energy

* Only during grid outage

Advanced- Time-Based Control

Use stored low-cost energy to power your home when
electricity is expensive and maximise your savings

1. Grid energy (Off-peak)

2. Grid energy (Shoulder)

1. Any usage (Peak)
2. Any usage (Shoulder)