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Media apps vary depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version. Some apps described may not be available in your market region, or may be replaced by different ones.

The Media Player displays on the touchscreen and is used to play various types of media. You can drag Media Player upward to expand it (allowing you to browse), and downward to minimize it so that just the Miniplayer displays. The convenient Miniplayer, which occupies the least amount of space on the touchscreen, displays what's currently playing and provides only the basic functions associated with what's playing. You can also drag Media Player to display on the left or right side of the touchscreen.

Streaming services are available only when a data connection is available (for example, Wi-Fi or Premium Connectivity). For some media services, you can use a default Tesla account. For others, you may need to enter account credentials the first time you use it.

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Instead of launching a different media app, you can change the source from within the Media Player screen by choosing a source from the dropdown list.
Radio: Choose from a list of available radio stations or touch the numeric keypad to directly tune the radio to a specific frequency. Touch the next or previous arrows to move from one frequency to the next (or previous).
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Radio stations are sorted alphabetically. You can determine the selection of stations yourself by selecting favorites (see Recents and Favorites).
Bluetooth: Play audio from a bluetooth-connected phone or USB device (see Playing Media from Devices).
Streaming: Play the audio streaming service available in your market region, if equipped.
Spotify: Play audio available on Spotify.
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A Spotify Premium account is required for use.
Apple Music: Play audio available on Apple Music.
Microphone icon
Caraoke (if equipped): Sing along with various songs (see Caraoke).
TuneIn: Play audio available on TuneIn.
Tidal: Play audio available on Tidal.
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You can show or hide any media app/source. See Media Settings.

When listening to internet radio or a music streaming service, the options available on the Media Player screen vary depending on what you are listening to. Touch the next (or previous) arrows to play the next (and in some cases previous) available station, episode, or track. You can also play next/previous using the left scroll button on the steering yoke (or steering wheel).

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You can use voice commands to adjust media settings and preferences, such as volume control, playing certain songs, or switching the media source (see Voice Commands).

Volume Controls

Volume can be controlled by:
  • Roll the scroll button on the left side of the steering yoke (or steering wheel) up or down to increase or decrease volume respectively.This adjusts the volume for media, voice commands, and phone calls.
  • Volume may be adjusted based on your driving speed and climate settings.
  • Touch the <> arrows associated with the speaker icon on the bottom corner of the touchscreen.
  • To mute the volume, press the left scroll button. Press again to unmute.
  • Pressing the left scroll button during a phone call mutes both the sound and your microphone.

Media Settings

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The settings available vary depending on market region. Also, a setting may not be applicable to all audio sources.
Media settings icon
Press the settings icon located in the Media Player's search bar to access audio settings.

You can adjust these settings:

  • Tone: Drag the sliders to adjust the subwoofer and any of the five frequency bands (Bass, Bass/Mid, Mid, Mid/Treble, and Treble). If equipped with premium audio, you can adjust the level of sound immersion to make your music experience more engaging by dragging the immersive sound slider according to your preferences.
  • Balance: Drag the center circle to the location in Model X where you want to focus the sound.
  • Options: Set preferences for optional features. For example, you can turn DJ Commentary, Explicit Content and Allow Mobile Control on or off.
  • Sources: Displays all available media sources and allows you to choose whether you want to show or hide each source. You may want to hide media sources that you never use. Once hidden, the media source does not appear on the drop down list in Media Player, nor will it appear in the app tray when you touch the App Launcher. You can re-display a hidden media source at any time by returning to this settings screen.

Searching Audio Content

Search icon
Touch Media Player's magnifying glass icon to search for a particular song, album, artist, podcast, or station. You can also use voice commands to search hands-free (see Voice Commands).


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Depending on vehicle configuration and market region, Caraoke may not be available on your vehicle. Caraoke requires premium connectivity.

Navigate to Media Player and select the drop down menu to change the media source to Caraoke. Or add Caraoke as an app in the app launcher. You can browse through various songs and select the song you want to sing. Touch the microphone icon to enable or disable the song's main vocals. Disabling the microphone leaves only the song's instrumentals and background vocals. Touch the lyrics icon (located next to the microphone icon) to enable or disable the song's lyrics.

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Never read Caraoke lyrics while driving. You must always pay attention to the road and traffic conditions. When driving, the Caraoke lyrics are intended only for use by a passenger.

Recents and Favorites

For most source content, recents and favorites display at the top for easy access.

Favorites icon, deselected
To add a currently playing station, podcast, or audio file to your Favorites list, touch the Favorites icon on Media Player.
Favorites icon, selected
To remove an item as a favorite, touch the highlighted Favorites icon. You can also remove multiple favorites by expanding Media Player to show all favorites for the applicable type of source content. Then press and hold any favorite. An X appears on all favorites and you can then touch the X to remove them from your Favorites list.
Recents icon
Your recently played selections are updated continuously so you don't need to remove them.
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Selections you play on FM (if equipped) radio are not included in the Recents list.

Playing Media from Devices

USB Flash Drives

Insert a flash drive into a front USB port (see USB Ports). Touch Media Player > USB, then touch the name of the desired folder. To play media from a USB connection, Model X recognizes flash drives only. To play media from other types of devices (such as an iPod), you must connect the device using Bluetooth (see Bluetooth Connected Devices).

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Media Player supports USB flash drives with exFAT formatting (NTFS is not currently supported).
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Use a USB port located at the front of the center console. The USB connections at the rear of the console are for charging only.

Bluetooth Connected Devices

Pair your Bluetooth-capable device to Model X (see Bluetooth) to play stored audio files. Choose Media Player's Phone source, touch the name of your Bluetooth-connected device, then touch CONNECT.