Off-Road Troubleshooting

You may need to increase traction while off-roading (such as for getting unstuck or overcoming an obstacle). Follow these general guidelines to provide more traction to Cybertruck:
  1. Engage Overland (see Overland for more information).
  2. Adjust the suspension height. Raise the suspension until the vehicle is no longer obstructed. Avoid lowering the suspension to prevent damage (see Suspension).
  3. Customize Terrain based on the current surface conditions. For high traction terrains, select Rock. For looser terrains, select Sand.
  4. Engage the front and/or rear locking differentials (see Locking Differentials).
  5. For softer terrain or steep inclines, engage Trail Assist for a steady progression through complex terrain (see Trail Assist).
If you still need more traction, perform the following:
  1. Decrease tire pressure to 36 PSI. This increases tire contact with the surface, which can help provide more traction.
    Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
    The TPMS warning thresholds may be lowered to accommodate different off-road needs. Do not rely solely on the TPMS warning indicator when in an Off-Road mode or setting, as these thresholds do not comply with Federal TPMS standards. It is your responsibility to ensure tires are adequately inflated at all times and are inflated back to normal levels before regular driving on roads.
  2. Use traction aids, such as traction boards.
  3. Tow your vehicle. See Instructions for Transporters for more information on towing Cybertruck.