Vehicle interior from the driver's perspective with callouts
  1. Interior door open button (Doors)
  2. Blind spot indicator and speaker (Blind Spot Warning Light)
  3. Left scroll button (Left Scroll Button)
  4. Horn (Horn)
  5. Right scroll button (Right Scroll Button)
  6. Touchscreen (Touchscreen)
  7. Secondary drive mode selector on overhead console (Shifting)
  8. Cabin camera (Cabin Camera)
  9. Hazard warning flashers (Hazard Warning Flashers)
  10. Front passenger dome light (Lights)
    Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
    Cybertruck is equipped with an in-cabin sensor located near the front passenger dome light to ensure certain vehicle and safety components are working properly. Do not block or obstruct the sensor. Doing so may cause inaccurate readings, such as for occupant detection, parking brake engagement, vehicle display settings, etc.
  11. Climate control vent (Adjusting the Front and Rear Vents)
  12. Power window switches (Windows)
  13. Manual door release (Opening Doors with No Power)
  14. Brake pedal (Braking and Stopping)
  15. Accelerator pedal (On-Road Modes)
  16. Wireless phone chargers and key card readers (Wireless Phone Chargers and Key Card)
  17. Center console (Center Console)
  18. Glovebox (Glovebox)
Vehicle backseat interior with callouts
  1. Rear touchscreen (Rear Touchscreen)
  2. Rear climate control vents (Adjusting the Front and Rear Vents)
  3. USB ports (USB-C Ports)
  4. Rear outlet (120V) (Interior Electronics)
  5. Cup holders (Rear Console)
  6. Rear door mechanical release (Opening a Rear Door with No Power)
    Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
    The door mechnical release should only be used in emergency situations.