Powershare Home Backup


Before you can use Powershare Home Backup, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • Cybertruck is running vehicle firmware 2024.14 or later.
  • You have the Tesla mobile app version 4.31 or later (see Mobile App).
  • You have the Tesla Universal Wall Connector with Powershare Gateway installed in your home.

For more information about installation and to purchase a Tesla Universal Wall Connector, go to the Tesla shop: https://shop.tesla.com/.

To Use Powershare Home Backup

Before using Powershare Home Backup, enable it from your vehicle's touchscreen by touching Controls > Charging > Powershare Home Backup .

Once Powershare Home Backup is enabled, your Cybertruck automatically begins to provide power to your house when:

  • The electric grid stops providing power to your home (there is a power outage).
    Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
    When the grid first stops providing power to your home, your home may lose power briefly as Cybertruck prepares to begin Powershare Home Backup.
  • The high voltage Battery has more energy remaining than the Powershare discharge limit (see Setting the Discharge Limit).
  • Cybertruck is connected to the Universal Wall Connector.
When Powershare Home Backup is actively providing power to your home, the touchscreen displays the Tesla Powershare icon.

The charge port status light is also purple to indicate that Cybertruck is providing power from the high voltage Battery (see Charge Port Light).

You can also see the status of the high voltage Battery on the touchscreen, or in the mobile app.

  1. Energy remaining: The total estimated driving distance or energy percentage (depending on your display setting) available. The amount of energy available to Powershare Home Backup (the amount remaining above the Powershare limit) is shown in purple.
  2. Powershare rate: The amount of power currently being provided by the high voltage Battery.
  3. Powershare discharge limit: The level of energy remaining at which at the high voltage Battery stops providing power.

Maximum Draw

Cybertruck provides a maximum draw of 11.5 kW.

Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
The maximum draw may be limited by the charger installed in your home. Tesla strongly recommends that the charger (such as a Tesla Wall Connector) that you use for Powershare Home Backup is connected to a 240V circuit.

Setting the Discharge Limit

You can set the discharge limit from the Tesla mobile app by adjusting the slider.

When Powershare Home Backup is active, you can see how much energy is remaining in the high voltage Battery above the discharge limit in the vehicle status area of the touchscreen, or by touching Controls > Charging.

To Stop Powershare Home Backup

To stop Cybertruck from providing power to your home, touch Controls > Charging > Stop Powershare

To restart Powershare, touch Controls > Charging > Start Powershare.

Powershare Home Backup also stops providing power when:
  • The high voltage Battery discharges past the Powershare discharge limit.
  • The electric grid starts supplying power (the power outage ends).
When the grid is about to start providing power again, you receive a notification from the Tesla mobile app and on the vehicle touchscreen.
Warning IconA warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situation
When the grid begins providing power to your home again, your home may lose power for several seconds as Cybertruck stops providing power.


Be aware of the following limitations when using Powershare Home Backup.
If Powershare Home Backup stops providing power, you receive a notification on the vehicle touchscreen and through the Tesla mobile app. This may happen for one of the following reasons.
  • Your home is drawing more power than Powershare Home Backup can provide. In this case, reduce the load as much as possible (for example, by turning off large appliances).
  • The high voltage Battery is cold. This is more likely in low ambient temperatures (for example, if Cybertruck is parked in a cold garage) or if Cybertruck has not been driven recently.
  • There is an issue with the Universal Wall Connector, with your vehicle's charge port, or with your vehicle's high voltage Battery. Check the touchscreen for an alert with more information.

Backup Troubleshooting

  • If a brownout or blackout is experienced during backup operation, reduce the loads and check that the load breakers have not opened.
    Informational PurposesAn informational icon, calling your attention
    See tesla.com/support/energy/powerwall/own/best-practices-during-power-outages for best practices to extend the backup duration of your system during an outage.
  • If it is necessary to restart the Powershare Gateway, Tesla support may direct you to press the Reset button on the device.
  1. Powershare Gateway RESET button
  2. Powershare Gateway circuit breaker (in most whole-home backup systems)

Technical Support

If you need further assistance, contact the Tesla Support team via the Contact Us page:


Have the following information available when contacting Tesla:

  • Owner name
  • Best way for Tesla to contact you (name, phone number, email)
  • Powershare Gateway serial number
  • Brief description of the issue
Find the serial number on a sticker on the panel cover of Powershare Gateway.