Exterior view of vehicle from the front with callouts
  1. Signature light bar (Lights)
  2. Autopilot cameras (Cameras)
  3. Wiper blade (Windshield Wiper and Washers)
  4. Exterior mirrors (Mirrors)
  5. Front exterior door release button (Doors)
  6. Key card reader (Keys)
  7. Rear exterior door release button (Doors)
  8. Powered frunk (Powered Frunk)
  9. Front tow hooks (Instructions for Transporters)
  10. Front exterior lights (Lights)
  11. Wheels and tires (Wheel and Tire Specifications)
Exterior view of vehicle from the rear with callouts
  1. Tonneau cover (Cargo Bed)
  2. Cargo bed (Cargo Bed)
  3. Rear-facing camera (Rear-Facing Camera)
  4. Charge port (Charging Instructions)
  5. Exterior cargo bed switch (Accessing the Cargo Bed)
  6. Tow hitch cover (Towing a Trailer)
  7. Tailgate (Cargo Bed)