On-Road Modes

To choose how Cybertruck accelerates and handles for day-to-day driving on public roads, touch Controls > Dynamics.

Choose between three Drive Modes. Comfort and Sport automatically set the Acceleration, Ride & Handling, and Preferred Ride Height to balance ride comfort, handling, and range. Custom allows you to customize these options as you see fit.

To access additional performance and acceleration, select Beast (if equipped) and follow the on-screen prompts.

In addition, you can choose to enable Auto Shift out of Park (see Shifting) or Auto Lower (see Suspension).

Customization Options

Setting Options Description
Acceleration Chill Limits acceleration for a smooth and gentle ride. When Chill is selected, Chill displays on the touchscreen above the driving speed.
Standard Provides the normal level of acceleration.
Ride & Handling Relaxed Prioritizes comfort over dynamic handling response. Cybertruck will feel smoother and more comfortable, especially on rough or uneven roads.
Focused Provides higher damping for more dynamic driving. Cybertruck will feel more responsive and connected to the road.
Preferred Ride Height Lower Sets the Preferred Ride Height to Lower. The ride height remains at Low on and off the highway by default, optimizing handling and range (see Suspension).
Higher Sets the Preferred Ride Height to Higher. When set to Higher, the ride height automatically adjusts between Medium and Low to balance ride comfort with handling and range. On highways or while driving at highway speeds, ride height adjusts to Low (see Suspension).