Motor Type(s)

Rear motor: AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, liquid-cooled, with variable frequency drive.

Front motor (AWD vehicles): AC induction motor, liquid-cooled, with variable frequency drive.

Motor Specifications

Cars manufactured in CHINA:

Motor Type Max Power Max Torque Voltage
3D3 137 219 320
3D7 194 340 320
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Motor type in your Model 3 depends on date of manufacture. See Motor Labeling.

Drive Type

Model Drive Type
Rear-Wheel Drive RWD
Long Range AWD

Performance and Energy

For information related to performance and energy, go to

Maximum Gradeability

The maximum gradeability is >30%.

Motor Labeling

Motor labeling includes:

  • EID: 1234567-00- a unique motor part number.
  • ETD: XXX - three-characters designating the motor type (from 3D1 through 3D7).
  • ESN: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX - a unique 14-character motor serial number.
  • VIN: a unique 17 character vehicle identification number.

Rear motor label location:

Zoombox with rear motor label location pointing to location visible through rear wheel

Rear motor label located on rear trunk:

Rear trunk open with an arrow pointing to label on liftgate

Front motor (if equipped) label location:

Zoombox with front motor label location pointing to location visible by front wheel

Front motor (if equipped) label located under front hood:

Front trunk open with arrow pointing to label location on underside of front hood


Type Single speed fixed gear
Gearbox Ratio 9.03:1


Steering Specifications
Type Rack and pinion with electronic power steering, speed sensitive
Number of turns lock to lock 2.14
Turning Circle (curb to curb) 11.7 m


Type 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Integrated Advanced Stability Control and Electronic Accelerator pedal actuated regenerative braking system

Front: Four piston fixed
Rear: Integrated Electronic Parking Brake Sliding

Rotor Diameter (ventilated)

Front: 12.6"/320 mm
Rear: 13.2"/335 mm

Front Rotor thickness

New: 0.98"/25 mm
Service limit: 0.91”/23 mm

Rear Rotor thickness

New: 0.79"/20 mm
Service limit: 0.71”/18 mm

Lateral runout

0.050 mm

Chordal runout

0.040 mm

Disk thickness variation (DTV)

0.010 mm

Front Brake Pad Thickness (excluding back plate)

New: 0.393"/10 mm
Service limit: 0.110"/2.8 mm

Rear Brake Pad Thickness (excluding back plate)

New: 9 mm
Service limit: 2.1 mm

Parking brake Electrically actuated parking brake integrated into rear caliper
Brake pedal free travel ≤7 mm
Acceleration pedal free travel ≤4 mm


Suspension Specifications
Front Independent, double wishbone, coil spring/telescopic damper, sway bar
Rear Independent, multi-link, coil spring/telescopic damper

Battery - Low Voltage

Battery - Low Voltage Specifications
Rating 6.9 amp hour
Voltage 15.5V

Battery - High Voltage

Battery - High Voltage Specifications
Type Li-ion
Nominal Voltage

355V DC

Temperature Range Do not expose Model 3 to ambient temperatures above 60° C or below -30° C for more than 24 hours at a time.