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Qualified businesses are asked to work with a licensed electrician to price out an installation of two or more Tesla Wall Connectors. Additionally, a Tesla Project Manager will be made available to ensure a cost effective and technically sound installation.

Resources and Information

As an electrician, facilities manager, or contractor it’s important to understand a few things before you get started. Please take some time to review the below information before you create an estimate for your client.

  • Tesla Wall Connector Installation Guide and Installation Video – It’s a requirement to read the installation guide, if you have any questions on the technical aspects of this product, please e-mail the Destination Charging Team.
  • Single Line Drawing - Please design your estimate based off of the installation of two to three Tesla Wall Connectors, these will share a single 208/240v 100A circuit breaker.
  • Example Quote – Please be as detailed as possible, in order to receive free Tesla Wall Connectors your quote should reflect the level of detail in our example document.

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