Energy Support

Why Tesla Solar

Tesla is one of the largest U.S. solar installers and has deployed over 500,000 solar systems nationwide. This experience and scale, along with our with price match guarantee, allows us to provide the most cost competitive prices and national network of service and support, with installations done by our in-house crews and serviced by local technicians.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Tesla has streamlined the solar panel order, design and installation process to be fast and simple. Solar hardware typically accounts for only half the total price when purchasing from a traditional solar provider, with the remaining cost made up of design, permitting and installation. By streamlining the order to installation process, we’re able to offer the lowest priced solar in the U.S. Learn more about Solar Price Match Guarantee.

Design and Aesthetics

Tesla’s propriety mounting system allows the panels to sit low on your roof with minimal gaps between panels. Our solar systems are designed to blend in with your roof using all-black panels and integrated side skirts that conceal edges and protect your system from debris.

Outstanding Warranty

Because design and installation are done in-house, Tesla provides one of the most comprehensive warranties of any solar provider. We provide warranty coverage on the workmanship and performance of our solar panels. Learn more about our service and warranty.

Integrated Ecosystem

You can monitor your solar production, customize your Powerwall settings and modify your vehicle charging preferences all from the Tesla app. Our energy products are designed to integrate and power your home for a sustainable lifestyle.