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Billing for your solar system is available online in your Tesla Account. Log in using the email associated with your Tesla products. You can make payments online, by check or by enrolling in automatic payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

How do I pay my bill?

If you would like to make a payment online, log into your Tesla Account. Select 'Billing.' There will be a yellow ‘Pay Now' tab. Select 'Pay Now' and follow the instructions to finish making your one-time payment.

If you would like to pay by check, please include your job number, as listed on your invoice, in the memo line and mail all payments to the address included in your monthly invoice. Please note that this option takes the longest for processing (two to four weeks).

How can I view my billing and payment history?

If you would like to view your billing and payment history, log in to your Tesla Account. Select 'Billing Portal.' Under 'Useful Links,' you can simply select ‘Payment History’ or ‘View Statements’ to access a breakdown of your payment history and an archive of past invoice statements.

How am I billed for my Power Purchase Agreement?

Your invoiced amount is based on how much energy the system produced in the previous calendar month. The varying monthly charge is calculated by multiplying the total amount of kWh that the system produced during the month by the rate per kWh per your contract. You may notice a higher bill in the summer when your solar system is producing the most energy. This energy is typically applied as a credit by your utility for usage later in the year.

Will my bill fluctuate with a Power Purchase Agreement?

Yes. Your monthly invoices are based on how much energy your system produced in the previous month. You will see a seasonal pattern in how the panels perform during certain times of the year. During spring and summer months, your panels will be exposed to the sun more often than during the fall and winter months. You may notice a higher bill in the summer when your solar system is producing the most energy. This energy is typically applied as a credit by your utility for usage later in the year.

Can I change my due date?

Some contracts do offer flexible billing dates. To review or make changes to your payment due date options, select 'Billing Portal' from your Tesla Account.

Will my utility rates change if I have a solar power system?

Even with solar, you’ll most likely have a residual utility bill and those rates may fluctuate as updated by your utility company. However, your solar system will reduce the amount of energy you purchase from the utility minimizing the impact of rising utility rates. Learn more about your utility bill after solar.

What happens if I sell my home and have financing for my solar system?

If you are selling your home and own your solar system, then you are in a good place. Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell faster and at a premium compared to homes without solar. Since solar financing has no prepayment penalty, you can work with your financier to pay off the solar system with the sale of the house and transfer the paid off system to the new homeowner. The first step would be to contact the financier to notify them that you are planning on selling the home. Once the payoff of the system has been coordinated, we will help transfer ownership of the system to the new homeowner. Learn more about real estate transactions and solar agreement transfers.

What is a UCC-1 fixture filing? Is it a Lien?

The UCC-1 is a public declaration of our interest in the solar energy system. It is not a lien on your home. It is a “financing statement” confirming Tesla’s ownership and/or financial interest in the leased or financed solar equipment. Tesla recommends having your financier or refinance company call into Tesla directly to speak with us on your behalf. Our team will work with our representative to temporarily lift the UCC-1 filing. Once your refinance is complete, we then reinstate the fixture filing for all financed systems.

If your project is financed by Mosaic or Sunlight, they will need to be contacted to lift any UCC-1 fixture filing.

What is the Non-ACH fee listed on my bill?

The Non-ACH line item that appeared on your invoice is an indication that you are not receiving the ACH discount, as this is only applied when you are signed up for AutoPay. Our contracts are set-up with pricing that already presumes you will be signing up for recurring payments through automatic withdrawal. If you opt not to sign up, then you are not eligible for the discount and the line item will appear on the invoice to remove the discount from your pricing. You may sign up or cancel AutoPay at any time and your invoiced amount will be updated according to your contract.

What do I need to do to purchase my system at the 5-year anniversary? (Power Purchase Agreement Only)

You may purchase the system at specific times during the term, as specified in your PPA. The first date of purchase eligibility falls on the 5-year anniversary of the date your system received ‘Permission to Operate,’ You may also request to purchase the system annually on this anniversary date, or at any time afterwards if you sell your home. We will need a notice one to three months before the anniversary date of your intent to purchase, at which point we will provide you with the purchase price according to your PPA.

Can I purchase my solar system?

Some contracts offer the option to purchase your solar system after five years of operation. Refer to your Energy Products Order Agreement to review the eligibility requirements and process for purchasing your system. To pay off your existing solar system, contact your financier.

If you financed your solar system with Tesla and you have installed your system but have not yet  received permission-to-operate (PTO), you may switch to a purchase agreement and pay off your system.

Once you have received permission-to-operate (PTO), you may pay off your system at any time with no prepayment penalty (except a service fee if not already paid in finance charges).

If you financed your system with Mosaic or Sunlight, reach out to them to discuss purchasing your system.

How do I receive tax credits and incentives?

Customers who finance or purchase a solar system by cash may be eligible to receive available federal and state incentives. If you need assistance with claiming the Federal Tax Credit, please reach out to a professional tax consultant. Tesla does not guarantee individual eligibility or provide advice related to tax credits or incentives.

How do I access my billing portal?

To access your billing portal, log into your Tesla Account, and select ‘Manage’ next to your Tesla Energy product. Once you are signed in, you can view billing details for your system, set up autopay and enroll in paperless billing.

Does Tesla submit my payment history to credit reporting agencies?

Tesla is authorized to submit your payment history to credit reporting agencies. Refer to your Energy Products Order Agreement in your Tesla Account for details regarding credit reporting.

Why did my monthly payment change?

Some Energy Product Order Agreements include a fixed, annual increase or decrease to your monthly payment. To review annual changes, see the Monthly Payments schedule in your Energy Products Order Agreement. Subscription monthly payments are subject to change according to the Subscription Home Improvement Agreement.

Can I set up autopay through my bank to receive the ACH discount?

No. While automatic bill payment through your bank is a convenient way to manage finances electronically, payment is still delivered to Tesla as a physical check. To receive the ACH (automated clearing house) discount, autopay must be set up by providing the routing and account details for your checking or savings account. Log into your Tesla Account to manage your automatic payment preferences.

Can I sign up for autopay with a credit card?

No. Automatic payments cannot be set up with a credit or debit card and must be processed through Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH is a federally regulated electronic network that coordinates bank-to-bank transactions, ensuring that all financial information is confidential, safe and secure. Automatic payments made to Tesla through ACH are eligible for an automatic payment discount and can be set up through your checking or savings account.

You have the option to make an individual payment with a credit or debit card in lieu of or in addition to your monthly automatic payment. Any extra you pay will roll over and be applied to the following month’s charges.

Note: A credit or debit card payment must be made at least two business days before the draft date for automatic payment to be stopped. If you set up a one-time payment less than two days before the draft date, both payments will be processed.

Where can I view my invoices and payment history?

You can view your invoices and payment history in the billing portal of your Tesla Account by selecting ‘Manage’ next to your Tesla Energy product. Once you are signed in, you can customize your billing preferences and view additional billing details.

What is the Performance Guarantee?

The Performance Guarantee offered in some Energy Products Order Agreements provides you with economic relief in the event that your system does not meet the expected performance criteria. You will receive a credit or payment according to the calculation listed in your agreement, and Tesla will work with you to resolve the issues causing your system’s underperformance.

Some agreements also include a production warranty in the event that your system is unable to produce adequate energy for an extended period of time. To ensure that this production warranty remains active, customers must have their system properly connected to their Tesla monitoring device at all times. 

Refer to your Energy Products Order Agreement to confirm which Performance Guarantees or warranties are included with your system. If you need to submit a warranty claim, Tesla will take care of everything on your behalf, as defined in your agreement.

I bought a home with Tesla Solar — when will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first monthly invoice within two billing cycles after Close of Escrow on the home. Once the Tesla Energy product has been registered to your Tesla Account, you can access the billing portal to begin managing your billing details, payment and invoice preferences.